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Stefan Eriksson, 2018-02-15

Even more convenience in the wireless office

We have previously written about the wireless office and how our private mobile behavior is also becoming a key feature of working life. Read, for example, about the trend for mobile first even in the conference room. This has prompted us to open up our popular 300Mx and 300Wx phones for use with our Konftel Unite app, via an adapter.

"The mobile phone is a vital tool for everyone in business today," says Peter Renkel, CEO of Konftel. "Not least because we keep all our business contacts and colleagues' phone numbers on them, but we still want professional sound and all the functions of the conference phone at our fingertips during a remote meeting. Our Konftel Unite app for the smartphone is the perfect solution to this problem."

You may be familiar with the ritual of keying phone numbers and meeting codes into the conference phone just before your remote meeting. Now, via the Konftel Unite app, you can simply use the contacts and calendar on your own smartphone, while still benefiting from the conference phone's superior sound and features. 

"We first launched the mobile app for our Konftel 300IPx conference phone and it was so well received that we're now looking to roll it out more widely," states Tommy Edlund, Director of Global Sales. "The Konftel Unite adapter  means that our free app is now also available for our popular Konftel 300Wx and Konftel 300Mx models."

One Touch Conferencing

By entering meeting codes and phone numbers when the meeting is booked and the invitations go out, the meeting participants can then use the app to launch a conference call on a Konftel phone with just one tap – this is what Konftel calls One Touch Conferencing, find out more here. The feature has been included with the Konftel 300IPx phone for a while, but now the Konftel 300Mx, the world's only mobile conference phone, and the Konftel 300Wx will also be able to use the Konftel Unite app via an adapter.

Right now, register your Konftel 300Mx or Konftel 300Wx and you'll receive the Konftel Unite adapter free of charge, find out more here!

The adapter is inserted into the conference phone's SD slot to create a wireless connection between the Konftel Unite app and the conference phone via BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy). The connection is only used to control the conference phone and so you can access your mobile phone's contacts and calendar. There is no audio transfer via Bluetooth. Your conference phone makes calls and communicates the same way as before, without affecting your mobile phone in any way. Find out more about the Konftel Unite adapter.


Stefan Eriksson

Chief Marketing Officer