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More effective information from the school

The Konftel 300Wx is an excellent tool for school personnel during development talks and individual parent-teacher meetings when an interpreter is required or when a parent lives elsewhere or cannot be present at the meeting.

“That’s how we use the Konftel 300Wx and it functions really well. For teachers and other staff, it’s important to be as neutral and clear as possible and ensure that everyone involved gets the same information. Using this solution, we can be sure that we are saying the same thing to everyone involved,” comments Maria Ingelsson at the Ängetskolan school in Örnsköldsvik.

The whole country can be a resource for a school meeting

Schools have a duty to provide information to the parents of their pupils, but there are times when it is difficult to assemble everyone involved. In some situations, an interpreter may also be required. The solution is a Konftel 300Wx. If a parent needs translation, an authorised interpreter may attend remotely, provided by an agency that may be located anywhere in the country. All of Sweden can be a resource.

“We know that this is appreciated by parents. It means excellent quality, plus parents avoid having to sit with an acquaintance from the area as a translator. In such cases, people tend to hold back – the parent does not wish to reveal details of their life to someone they socialise with privately. Integrity can be maintained in a completely different way when we organise meetings like this,” says Maria Ingelsson.

Parents elsewhere can participate

The Ängetskolan school in Örnsköldsvik is a ‘grundskola’ or compulsory school for years 1-9 with around 600 pupils. In addition to the need for interpreters at certain meetings, there are also other situations when the Konftel 300Wx is used. 

“It is quite common for a parent not to live locally, which makes it difficult for them to attend individual meetings with pupils, teachers and other parents. In those instances, a conference phone is an excellent tool. In the past, we would sometimes ‘lose’ parents who live a long way away and that's far from ideal. It is very important for both parents to be involved in the lives of pupils. Previously, the ‘other’ parent received information second hand, via reports or by ringing up the school themselves afterwards, but that's not as reliable - all partners may not have received the same information.” 

Quick and easy-to-use

“We only have positive experiences of the Konftel 300Wx. Sometimes we also use it internally for staff meetings. For instance, we had a meeting on pupil health at which our psychologist, who lives a hundred kilometres from the school, was able to participate remotely. It went extremely well!”

Schools have a duty to provide information to the parents of their pupils. When parents are unable to attend parent-teacher meetings, they appreciate being offered telephone conferences.
Maria Ingelsson,  Ängetskolan Örnsköldsvik.
Easy to take along
The Ängetskolan school needed a conference phone that was easy to take along without having to worry about connections. School staff usually use the phone together with their mobile/cell phone, making the call using their mobile phones, while the Konftel 300Wx functions as an advanced microphone and speaker. However, it can also be connected wirelessly to a DECT system/base station or to a computer for VoIP calls. It is possible to combine all three connections, with the Konftel 300Wx linking up the parties.

The Konftel 300Wx is supplied with a charging cradle and USB cable. Mobile cables are available as accessories for most mobile/cell phones.

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