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Professional conferences with clients and suppliers

The audio quality, user-friendliness and design of the Konftel 300 impress the German booth constructor W&M. 

W&M Werbung und Messebau-Service GmbH from Kassel uses the Konftel 300 to communicate effectively with its clients, suppliers and graphic designers. Business has gone from strength to strength for W&M in recent years and it employs a workforce of 20. Each booth-construction project involves multiple suppliers, subcontractors and consultants, which require considerable coordinating on W&M’s part. Preparations can take months and during that time the company has to be in frequent contact with its clients. 

Benjamin Stephan, Purchasing Manager at W&M, explains, “Being able to hold teleconferences via the Konftel 300 makes our work so much easier. Instead of planning face-to-face meetings or improvising conferences over the phone, we conduct regular remote meetings with exceptional audio quality. As well as producing fast results, they have more or less the same quality as in-person meetings.”

Case study - W&M

“We haven’t once had to sit huddled together around a landline phone since we started using the Konftel 300. We can get up and move about while we're talking. Everyone hears every single word that's said, as if we were all in the same room.” Benjamin Stephan, Purchasing Manager at W&M.


Drawbacks with landline phones

“Every week we hold several teleconferences attended by internal and external parties. Landline phones with speakers are unable to deliver the quality these meetings demand,” Benjamin Stephan tells us. “When we use the Konftel 300, three or four colleagues can sit at a table together and communicate productively with several external attendees. This smart device guarantees outstanding voice quality.” The audio quality delivered by the Konftel devices is based on the Omnisound HD technology with crystal-clear audio in all directions (full duplex), hypersensitive microphones with 360° audio pick-up, an equaliser, echo cancellation and suppression of background noise. 

“It's difficult enough discussing complex booth layouts, ideas for graphic design and presentation solutions with clients and service providers. We don’t need technical issues causing communication problems,” Benjamin Stephan from W&M says with emphasis. “We haven’t once had to sit huddled together around a landline phone since we started using the Konftel 300. We can get up and move about while we're talking. Everyone hears every single word that's said, as if we were all in the same room.”

User-friendliness and design

The Konftel 300 impresses businesses far and wide, particularly with its user-friendliness and design. “I haven’t looked at the instructions yet. The Konftel couldn’t be easier to use,” Benjamin Stephan declares. “You simply dial the number or scroll through the phonebook and then press the green button.”  There's also a conference guide that lets you use call groups that have been saved just by punching a button. 

“The design is unbeatable,” says Benjamin Stephan. “We work in advertising which means that design and appearance are important to us. In this respect, Konftel is miles ahead of other manufacturers. Its products are elegant and contemporary. We’ll be installing Konftels in our new conference rooms too.”

New infrastructure for ICT

UP Data Systems in Kassel is a system provider and a devoted user of the Konftel 300. UP Data is responsible for the maintenance and operational performance of the whole of W&M’s ICT infrastructure. Due to the explosive growth that W&M has experienced, the company has had to expand and refurbish its facilities recently. As well as new network switches, virtualisation solutions, storage space for backups, firewalls and an extension of the wireless network, the company needed to upgrade its communications system. 

UP Data enhanced W&M’s Unify HiPath 3000 system with modules for additional connections, installed new Openstage 40 and 15 conference devices and set up a professional voice message system. UP Data recommended the Konftel 300 for analogue connection to the Unify system for professional teleconferencing. 

“We almost always recommend Konftel nowadays when customers need conference phones,” says Stefan Wiedemann, CEO of UP Data. “We analyse the customers’ needs and use the most appropriate solution. The exceptional audio quality and end-to-end range of solutions are the key advantages of Konftel. We’re able to offer the optimal solution for every situation thanks to that. The installation work and commissioning process at W&M went as smoothly and trouble-free as always,” Stefan Wiedemann states. “The Konftel devices work perfectly with the systems from Unify and Alcatel.”

W&M Werbung und Messebau GmbH, Kassel
For more than 20 years, W&M has been constructing event booths for industrial companies of all sizes, with a particular focus on the automotive industry. The booths it delivers range in size from 8 to 8,000 square metres. W&M builds booths for both internal exhibitions and events, and for major international trade fairs, such as the IAA. W&M has enjoyed robust growth in recent years. More than 20 employees work at W&M today. Find out more at: www.werbung-messebau.de
UP Data Systems GmbH, Kassel
UP Data is an ICT systems provider (information and communication technologies). With 25 employees, UP Data can offer a complete service portfolio, with consultation, installation and maintenance of servers, server clients, switches, cables, wireless networks, communications systems and all terminal devices. Its customers range from craft professionals and small firms to medium-size companies and major corporations such as B. Braun and SMA Solar. UP Data has been a customer of Komsa Systems, in Saxony, for more than a decade. For its communications projects, UP Data mainly uses solutions with Unify and Alcatel from Komsa. Find out more at: www.updata-systems.de

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