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300 offices across northern Germany

AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG is an agricultural trade and service company with a total of 300 offices across northern Germany. The company makes extensive usage of conference calls for inter office communications and also to stay in contact with customers and business partners. For efficient conference calls, AGRAVIS uses a total of 30 conference phones of the type Konftel 300IP.

“Due to our many branch offices and very diverse relationships with suppliers and buyers of a wide range of agricultural products and services, communications and conference calls are very important for our business”, explained Kai Eickelpasch Group Leader Telecommunications at AGRAVIS. “Our company needs focussed and efficient conference calls, because they consume a significant part of our working days. The basis is a cooperative and creative atmosphere during the conferences. Professional audio equipment makes an essential contribution to this.”


“A cooperative, creative atmosphere is a necessary prerequisite for efficient conference calls. Konftel conference phones provide the foundation with their outstanding sound quality and excellent ease of use.” 
Kai Eickelpasch, 
Group Leader Telecommunications at AGRAVIS


Cooperative and creative meetings

A positive atmosphere is created if the participants can easily understand one another and talk freely. “Using a Konftel, employees can, for example, get up and talk from the whiteboard. Every word remains clear and understandable”, reported Eickelpasch. 

The outstanding acoustic performance of the phones in the Konftel 300 series provides the necessary basis: OmniSound® HD sound technology guarantees natural audio and voice quality throughout the conference room.

Straightforward usage

Finally AGRAVIS considered the ease of use of the Konftel devices to be superior to other solutions. The devices work just like desk phones and anyone can easily set up conferences.

“The ease of use helps to lower the inhibitions to initiate conference calls”, reported Eickelpasch. “We are now handling a lot of business using short, spontaneous conference calls. Previously a lot of travelling, complicated e-mail exchanges or long sequences of telephone calls were involved.”

Fast amortisation

At AGRAVIS, more and more meetings that previously required business travel are now handled using the Konftel phones. “This saves us substantial time and money, helping the phones to pay for themselves very quickly”, said Eickelpasch.

AGRAVIS is interested in purchasing additional phones. “We are considering more Konftel 300IP phones as well as the new Konftel 55W which can connect to our Siemens Open Stage 60 phones via Bluetooth”, added Eickelpasch.

Many sites

The installation process needed to flow smoothly at sites distributed across all of northern Germany. “As an agricultural trade and service company, AGRAVIS has an established local presence”, said Kai Eickelpasch. “The phones were delivered to our main office in Münster, forwarded to the branch offices and configured centrally via a web browser. No field service was required.”

• 30 Konftel 300IP
• with AVAYA andSiemens PBX systems

Important for AGRAVIS:
• focussed and efficient conference calls through cooperative and creative atmosphere
• professional audio equipment
• superior ease of use 
• fast amortisation through less business travel
• centralised configuration via web browser
About AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG
AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG is a modern German agricultural trading and service company, with revenue of approx. EUR 6.5 billion and a current total of over 5,300 employees. AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG’s business focuses on the traditional agricultural sectors of Plants, Animals and Machinery. Additionally, the company operates the complementary business fields Construction Services, Retailing and Energy. Additional information: www.agravis.de

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