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Evondos’ emergency solution improved efficiency

Evondos is the Nordic region’s leading developer of medicine-dispensing robots for homecare and care of the elderly. Much of the company’s work involves training care workers to use the robots. Launching distance training was by no means a foregone conclusion, but once Evondos had made their decision, they chose Konftel to supply the video conferencing equipment – and ended up with more efficient training as a result. 

A medicine-dispensing robot is, in simple terms, a device placed in the home of a homecare client that reminds the person to take their medicine at the right time, without the assistance of a care worker. If the homecare client fails to take the medicine on time, the device issues an alarm – a solution that is safe and also produces huge savings in terms of care staff resources. 

A medicine dispensing robot reminds the homecare client to take their medicine via spoken instructions, audio signals and written instructions on the screen.


To facilitate the training of care staff, Evondos has supplemented its usual training provision with a concept for distance learning. The initiative first came about due to the increased risk of infection during the Covid-19 pandemic, but the distance concept also made the training more efficient. Evondos was suddenly able to offer more training sessions for the same customer without needing to actually be on site for each session. But it all began as an emergency solution.

Clarence Jacobson, CEO of Evondos

“During the coronavirus outbreak, we didn’t want to expose care staff, who are after all our primary customers, to any risk of infection. Every human gathering, particularly in slightly larger groups, constituted an infection risk, so instead we went out and rigged up a video solution on site in their conference room without meeting the staff in person. We also had the same Konftel equipment in the office at our end, to ensure that both the audio and video were of the best possible quality,” explains Clarence Jacobson, CEO of Evondos Sweden.

Video equipment on site

So when the time came for the staff to be trained, video equipment in the form of the Konftel C50800 Hybrid was already installed in their conference room. One of the course participants simply connected up their own laptop using Konftel’s One Cable Connection and then launched the meeting via the invitation that Evondos had sent out by email. Using equivalent equipment, Evondos’ staff were thus able to remain in their own office and still conduct the training session almost as if they had actually been there in the room. 

This video solution has made our training work much more efficient than before, without any loss of quality.
Clarence Jacobson, CEO Evondos Sweden


The camera is placed on a stand to increase flexibility and, with the help of the zoom function, the instructor can show in close-up exactly how to operate the device.


Evondos placed the camera, a Konftel Cam50, on a stand for more flexibility and to make the temporary installation function better for the course participants. Thanks to the dynamic audio pick-up capabilities of the Konftel 800 conference phone and the camera’s pan and zoom functions, the instructor was able to move freely around the room, when demonstrating how to fill the medicine-dispensing robot with medication, for example. The same was true for the trainees, who also needed to move up to the robot that they had in their conference room to try out the various functions, all while the Konftel 800 continued to deliver natural sound at both ends of the meeting.

More travel-free courses

“It worked at least as well as being there in person. The big advantage was that we were easily able to put on more training sessions, without having to travel there every time. This offered more flexibility for the customers, who had more times to choose from, and it made things significantly easier for us, as we had to travel much less. Once everyone had completed the training, we went back and dismantled the equipment, which neatly fits into a specially designed case, and took it off to the next customer. This video solution has made our training work much more efficient than before, without any loss of quality,” says Clarence Jacobson.

• Two video packages, Konftel C50800 Hybrid in convenient travel case.

Important for Evondos:
• Simple and intuitive start-up solution for inexperienced participants, who can use Konftel’s One Cable Connection to easily connect their own laptop to the video solution with a single USB cable.
• Effective video and audio solution that allows the instructor to move around the room and demonstrate products without any loss of audio.
• Easy to transport and install the video solution in new settings.
• A hybrid solution that can handle all types of technical environments.
About Evondos
Evondos Sweden is a service company in the healthcare sector. Evondos develops, produces and sells market-leading products in welfare technology and e-health. The company was founded in 2008 in Finland and has subsidiaries in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. Its research, development and manufacturing of medicine-dispensing robots is based in Salo, Finland.