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Efficient contact with over 100 countries

Over the past few decades the world’s production industry has gone through dramatic changes. Production is now a truly global process that puts high demands on clear and fast communication at all levels within today’s organizations.

The motor vehicle industry is one such example. Based on common platforms, models are adjusted to the demands and expectations of local markets. A Chinese company with many divisions invested in Konftel’s communication solutions in order to streamline daily contact between the management, development engineers, designers, local factory managers and other important contacts involved in the process of developing, building and selling new vehicle models. 

This company is represented on all continents and a large number of daily meetings now take place between co-workers who have personal Konftel 55 units on their desks. Larger meetings are conducted in conference rooms using Konftel 300’s. In addition the management group regularly holds larger video conferences with Konftel 300 linked to a PA system.

The Challange:

Create faster and more effective communication in a global organization with operations in more than 100 countries. Speed up decision making while cutting back on travel.

The solution:

Provide Konftel 55/55W units to the project managers and key participants for smaller meetings. The conference rooms were equipped with Konftel 300’s plus PA Interface boxes in larger conference facilities. 

The result:

Fewer misunderstandings and delays. Quicker resolution of detailed problems. Increased adaptability and knowledge transfer. More effective control for the management group and various divisions. Reduced travel costs.

Perfect for both large and small meetings in global industry

The solution is a combination of Konftel units that regardless of the existing technical environment help create meetings of any size of such quality that everyone taking part will feel like they are in the same room. The units are ideal for both traditional remote meetings as well as video meetings via, for example, MS Lync or Skype. Konftel 300 works with both fixed analogue and UC-platforms. The compact Konftel 55/55W are easy to use, flexible and easily connect to any communication tool.

Solution for larger meetings

Regional managers and colleagues from around the world can easily connect to conferences from local conference rooms, using the phone line or VoIP with a Konftel 300. Larger meetings; use the Konftel 300 with PA Interface box for full AV experience.

Advantages of Konftel 300:

- Connected and always ready to hold meetings, either video or audio only.
- Extendable – Konftel 300 can connect to an unlimited number of external speakers and microphone systems.
- Alternative connection possibilities: analogue, VoIP, mobile.
- Optimal sound quality results in better meetings.
- Meetings can be recorded for precise records and follow-up.

Solution for smaller meetings

For fast, day-to-day meetings between 30 Senior Engineers and Manager at four factories, all were equipped with a Konftel 55/55W. Thanks to the battery, meetings with Konftel 55/55W connected with a mobile phone (cable or Bluetooth) or laptop for VoIP/desktop video conferences can be held anywhere in the factory.

Advantages of Konftel 55/55W:

- Maximum flexibility with the Konftel 55 series, which is compatible with all modern communication equipment.
- Optimal sound quality and recording capability helps reduce misunderstandings.
- Easy to use.

The result – clearer, faster, better, cheaper

A number of impressive results were achieved after introducing the Konftel-based global communications system. The organi-zation gained better, more effective control, could react, reconnect and share knowledge and experiences faster and more efficiently. The ability to solve complicated problems improved while the risk for misunderstanding decreased and the number of travel days and costs were also reduced. To sum it all up: clearer, faster, better, cheaper!