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iCentrex wants to make things even easier

iCentrex has received considerable recognition for the ease of administration in its cloud-based unified communications. They are now taking another step in the same direction and making it easy to add conference phones to customers' solutions.

A few months ago the Swedish service provider iCentrex was ranked as number one when the IT magazine Telekom tested cloud PBXs. The company offers PBXs, message administration, call traffic both for landline and mobile telephony, conferences and web-based administration.“This is the foundation of our business concept, that things should be easy,” says Samuel Beckstrand, CTO at iCentrex. “This also applies when buying and installing hardware. IP phones should be operable as soon as the network and power cables are plugged in.”

Direct to customers

He sees auto-provisioning as an important prerequisite in the delivery of office phones for PBX service, and it should not be any more difficult to equip customers with conference phones. 

“The devices shouldn't need to come to us first before delivery to the customers,” says Samuel Beckstrand. “We can solve this thanks to Konftel Zero Touch Installation.

“We want to automate as much as possible. Our goal is for customers to be able to order a Konftel 300IP at our portal, that the order is directly linked to a cost centre and that a user is then created without manual administration and risk for delay.”

Important to be clearly heard

He believes that customers expect devices that are ready to plug in after unpacking. If a visit to a location for configuration of the conference phones is necessary, this can be an obstacle to implementation.

“We think that customers should invest in a good telephony environment, and taking consideration to how one sounds in meetings is important,” says Samuel Beckstrand. “All too many are satisfied with placing a mobile phone in speaker mode on their desktops when in teleconferences.”

How ZTI works
Zero Touch Installation is an add-in for auto-provisioning that is supported in the Konftel 300IP. Konftel’s ZTI service forwards the conference phone to the correct provisioning server. Learn more about Konftel ZTI.
About iCentrex
iCentrex offers network based communication services to companies and organizations. The offering includes all forms of Unified Communications with PBX service, messaging service, voice traffic for both fixed and mobile telephony, conferencing and web-based administration. iCentrex has its own customer service centers, development and services for the corporate market for both small and large companies. 

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