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Clients and projects throughout the world

NIRA Dynamics is a Swedish high-tech company that develops sensor-based software solutions, primarily for the automotive industry. Remote meetings are a natural and important part of the job as the company has customers, partners and consultants spread throughout the world. In the past NIRA used a number of Konftel 100 conference telephones for meetings but has recently switched to the multifunctional Konftel 55W as more and more meetings are conducted online.

"It is often important to share documents during our meetings. We work with advanced technical documents that need to be analyzed and discussed. That’s why Konftel 55W is a boost for us as it is easy to use even via the computer and works perfectly with various types of web meeting solutions. It makes it easy for us to share both documents and include video. On top of that the sound quality is superb," says Andreas Andersson, head of the Project Management Department.

"Good sound is important because we have customers and partners worldwide. Over such long distances, for example when we talk to Chinese people in German, there can sometimes be confusion and misunderstandings. That’s why it’s so important that the sound is of the highest quality. Sometimes it may also be necessary to conduct a videoconference where you see the people you are talking to. Personally I use Skype and it works really well, especially when you can compliment the service with great sound. "

A hub for all your devices

Remote meetings are an important tool in a globalized world. They represent a convenient and cost-effective way to meet without having to travel long distances. Remote meetings via the web are simple and effective and are becoming increasingly common. There are several good software solutions that help you manage web meetings, including Skype, MS Lync, Scopia and Vidyo.

"The fact Konftel 55 is so easy to connect to a variety of devices such as computers, tablets, smartphones and phone systems makes it a flexible communication tool that enables you to start meetings quickly," says Andreas Andersson at NIRA Dynamics. 

Remote meetings every week

It is necessary for me in my line of work to travel a lot and meet with customers and partners. At the same time web and conference audio conferencing is a great way to keep in constant contact on a daily basis so you don’t spend all your time in airports and taxis. I also need to keep in touch with the home office when I travel. Personally I have 4-5 remote meetings every week and in total the company conducts around 25 remote meetings per week."

Great sound is important

NIRA Dynamics has customers, consultants and partners from the USA in the west, throughout Europe and to China in the east. As a provider of software solutions to the automotive industry responsiveness, adaptability and the highest standards of quality are all important factors for success. The company is growing and there are ambitious plans for a permanent presence in China. 

The Konftel 55 series is designed to work with the many different ways of communicating today. This makes it the ideal choice for NIRA Dynamics and the company’s different needs to conduct meetings remotely.

“The world is certainly shrinking but with such long distances still involved it’s difficult to always be in the right place. Remote meetings are good but the sound has often been on a difficult journey of its own through the Internet and telephone lines. That’s why it is so important for us to ensure the best possible sound quality at both ends, which in turn reduces the risk of misunderstandings. We have very good experience of the Konftel 55W and will be getting more units, "says Andreas Andersson.

• Konftel 55W
• Konftel 100 (will be switched for more Konftel 55W models)
• Cell phones, system phones and computers (using, for example, Skype)

Important for NIRA Dynamics:  
• High quality sound because of large distances and different languages
• Ability to share technical specifications and other documents
• Easy to use
• Versatile connectivity
About NIRA Dynamics 
NIRA Dynamics was founded in 2001 and is a Swedish high-tech company that develops sensor-based software solutions primarily for the global automotive industry. The company is a subsidiary of the German Audi Group. NIRA Dynamics has around 40 employees plus associated consultants. Customers and integration partners include companies such as Audi, Volkswagen, Seat, Skoda, Renault, Robert Bosch, Lear Corporation, Continental and TRW Automotive. NIRA Dynamics is headquartered in Mjärdevi Science Park, Linköping

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