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Craft, remote meetings and improved customer service

Pendle Stained Glass is a design and production company in high quality Stained Glass products for residential and  commercial customers. Their based in Lancashire, but their work can be seen all over the United Kingdom.


The store, design studio and workshop are located on different floors of a 3 storey building. They first invested in a Konftel conference phone as quite often a call can require input from their different specialists so group calls were becoming common place. 

Additionally, for one on one calls they wanted to utilise the hands free capability to discuss a customer’s brief whilst simultaneously modelling some ideas on the PC. They also wanted the ability to record the conversation and listen back to the client’s comments and requirements at a later date as they further developed the brief.

The sound quality has been outstanding and the flexibility of the units is what really makes a difference to our customer service.
Mr D Moore, CEO, Pendle Stained Glass Ltd

Wireless and flexible usage

Initially they chose a 300Wx so that they could use it from room to room, wherever the relevant staff were located, and make calls on the move to ensure that customers always spoke with the right contact. In a workshop and studio environment it is not always possible to call people into a particular meeting room to join a call. In that case, they can take the phone to wherever the persons are working so that the customer always gets an answer without having to be called back at a later date.

Bring the expert along

The design studio often use the phone to make web calls over their VoIP network to clients to share their ideas over the desktop, and show the progress of a particular design without having to visit site every time. Site visits are however still a vital part of their business, particularly when doing an initial evaluation, or during the installation itself. Some projects can be very big and very prestigious and require input from Architects, Civil Engineers, Multiple Clients as well as the different staff involved. So Pendle Stained Glass also invested in a Konftel 300M mobile/ USB version so that group meetings could take place on a customer site just as easily as if it were in their own office.

Improved customer service

CEO Mr D Moore states “The sound quality has been outstanding and the flexibility of the units is what really makes a difference to our customer service. We can make sure we have the right people with the right information available to our clients, anywhere. Recording everyone’s input and requirements means less misunderstandings and far more productive service from us. I even have one in my home office as it is just such an efficient way to work”.

• Konftel 300Wx 
• Konftel 300M

Important for Pendle Stained Glass: 
• A Flexible and wirless product to use at the office
• VoIP and Webb-meetings to share documents and presentations
• Recording capability
• Mobile usage for customer or site visits
• Excellent sound quality

Pendle Stained Glass Ltd. 
Pendle Stained Glass Ltd was founded in 1989 and specializes in the design, manufacture, conservation and protection of stained glass and leaded lights. Based in Lancashire, UK, Pendle Stained Glass is a team of dedicated craftspeople and in all aspects of our work, from glass painting to digital photography we aim to produce the highest quality stained glass design. 

Additional information: www.pendlestainedglass.co.uk

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