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Quality and flexibility for our guests and their meetings

As part of its service offering, the Sheraton Stockholm ensures that its guests enjoy excellent audio quality during their remote meetings. This further enhances the hotel's strong environmental image.

Sheraton Stockholm is a well-known hotel and conference centre situated in the heart of Stockholm. It has 465 guest rooms and is within walking distance of the Royal Palace, the business district and shopping areas. The Sheraton welcomes a wide variety of guests, including business travellers, holidaymakers and conference and event attendees. It therefore has an impressive range of services that cater to all kinds of needs.

Offering guests access to a user-friendly, versatile conference telephone like the Konftel 55W is an important component of the Sheraton's wide range of services.
Kristofer Bremström, Sheraton Stockholm Hotel

"We aim to provide the best possible service and flexibility at all times, for both recreational and business purposes. When guests book a conference room, we equip it with a Konftel device and we also offer our guests the option of borrowing a Konftel 55W if they want to use it in their room, for example," explains Kristofer Bremström, Food & Beverage Manager. Offering guests the possibility to hold virtual meetings fits well with the Sheraton's environmental image. The hotel has been awarded the Nordic Ecolabel! 

"We are actively committed to continual improvement of our environmental performance and have been awarded the international Green Key ecolabel. The entire hotel has undergone an environmental audit and meets the stringent criteria of the Nordic Ecolabel. We are extremely proud to have achieved the certification and of our contribution to a better environment and future.”

The Sheraton Stockholm Hotel organises events tailored to the needs and wishes of its customers. A great number of gatherings and events of all sizes have been held here with guests from all over the world.

All of the meeting and event venues are on one floor, the Mezzanine floor. It is also equipped with state-of-the-art technology for today's meetings. Conference guests have access to the Link@Sheraton Meetings Kiosk which has computer facilities for printing, Skyping, etc.

Case study - Sheraton - Bremström
"The guiding principles for our business are high quality and responsiveness to the wishes of our guests. Being able to offer guests a user-friendly, versatile conference telephone like the Konftel 55W is an important component of the Sheraton's wide range of services," says Kristofer Bremström, Food & Beverage Manager at the Sheraton Stockholm Hotel.


Large or small with the right technology

"Our well-appointed 15 conference rooms all offer a flexible environment and are suitable for board meetings, business entertainment, exhibitions and banquets. Most of the conference rooms have natural lighting and an amazing view of Stockholm City Hall and the Riddarfjärden bay."

"There are so many aspects that have to come together to produce a successful event. That's why we have our team of experts; our Starmeeting Concierges. They attend to every step of the event, making sure that everything proceeds exactly as agreed with the customer. It goes without saying that we adapt the venue with the right technology and highest quality equipment for each occasion," Kristofer Bremström says.

Easy-to-use with superior audio quality

The Konftel 55W is an easy-to-use, versatile and portable conference unit suitable for both web meetings and normal phone meetings. It provides crystal-clear audio thanks to the OmniSound® audio technology. Since the Konftel 55W is simple to use and can be quickly connected to a PC, mobile phone/tablet and desktop phone, it is ideal for temporary use by guests in hotels and conference centres. It also has recorder capability for recording interviews, dictations and other audio notes.

• Konftel 55W

Important for Sheraton Stockholm: 
• Offer guests excellent service and flexibility
• Ease of use
• Superior audio quality
• Numerous connection options depending on the guests' equipment
About Sheraton Stockholm 
Sheraton Stockholm is a first-class hotel located in central Stockholm. The hotel has 465 guest rooms and offers a superior level of comfort. It is situated in the heart of Stockholm with the business district, shopping areas and the Royal Palace all within walking distance. The entire hotel is eco-certified and has been awarded the Nordic Ecolabel. Its guest rooms are some of the largest in Stockholm and have Sheraton Sweet Sleeper™ beds to ensure a restful night's sleep. Sheraton Stockholm has an extensive range of services for all guests. The hotel has one of Stockholm's most flexible function venues for meetings, parties and events. More information: www.sheratonstockholm.se

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