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Conference phone with good sound offers many benefits

A conference phone can save time and money – and be easier on the environment. But make sure you use a phone with good sound quality. Otherwise you risk expensive misunderstandings and irritating disruptions to your meeting.

A conference phone takes the stress out of life and makes you more effective. You know what it's like, your company books appointments, then there's the admin, the travelling and the waiting around. It can take some time to make that important meeting actually happen. With a conference telephone, you can meet easily and spontaneously, while also saving time and money. As such, a distance meeting can generally help to speed up decisions. 

Think about sound quality 

Sound quality is crucial for a successful distance meeting. Konftel's conference phones are equipped with our OmniSound® audio technology, which delivers crystal-clear sound – when speaking and listening. It combines sensitive microphones with speakers and Full Duplex, where sound is carried in both directions without voice clipping. Regular deskphones with loudspeakers don't have this feature. Poor sound in a meeting makes it hard to keep concentration levels up and leads to unnecessary tiredness. In the worst case, it can even lead to misunderstandings that have financial consequences.

Save time, money and the environment.

After a meeting via a conference phone, everyone can return to work straight away. Forget travelling, taxis, waiting around at airports and other irritating hold-ups and costs. Consequently, conference calls and online meetings also deliver more leisure time and better quality of life for staff. Of course, another key benefit is that less travelling means less of an impact on the environment.

Quick and spontaneous meetings

A conference phone is perfect for quick and spontaneous meetings. If, for example, an issue crops up that needs input from experts in another location, all you have to do is call them up and add more parties to the call.

Pays for itself

A conference phone is not a major outlay. It pays for itself as soon as you replace a business trip with a conference call.

Konftel's conference phones give your conference calls crystal-clear sound – when you're both speaking and listening. A conference phone is also the perfect complement to a business trip. Distance meetings save time and money, while also helping to improve the environment

» Improve the sound quality in your meetings

The conference phone that gives you total freedom

The Konftel 300Mx allows you to hold telephone meetings wherever is convenient for you – without worrying about phone jacks and power outlets. It connects directly to the mobile network and delivers HD-quality sound.