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One Touch Conferencing – how it works

Imagine being able to start your conference call with a single tap. Our mobile app Konftel Unite makes this not only possible, but easy too. Support for the Konftel Unite app  is built into the Konftel 800 and Konftel 300IPx and is available for Konftel 300Mx and Konftel 300Wx via an adapter. How One Touch Conferencing works:

When you or a colleague create an invitation for a meeting, you can insert both telephone numbers and meeting codes in the email's subject line, for example. Use the country prefix for the phone number and put e.g. "pin" or "code" before the meeting code so the app's built-in logic system can find what it needs in the meeting invitation when the time comes. Even if the information is in the email, the app will usually manage to identify the correct numbers, but for safety's sake check that the app has picked out the right numbers.


If you are participating in a meeting that is booked in a calendar linked to the app, in the settings you can choose to set a reminder for 5 to 15 minutes before the meeting is scheduled. If you have set a reminder, you will receive a notification from the app and you can then click directly on it as you get close to your Konftel unit. Your Konftel will then call up and the meeting code will be entered automatically.


If you have not set a notification, simply open the meeting invitation in the app's calendar and click "Nearest Konftel unit" and "Connect with mobile phone" as soon as you get close to your Konftel unit. Your Konftel will then call up and enter the meeting code automatically.

Good to know

  • If the meeting is not in your calendar, you can still use all your mobile phone's contacts to make the call with your Konftel. Note that your Konftel will always handle the actual call, not your mobile phone.
  • You can also create groups and mark your contacts as favorites in the Konftel Unite app on your mobile phone, so that you can keep track of recurring meeting participants, for example. If you use the Konftel 800 or Konftel 300IPx , you can also make multi-party calls with up to five participants (including yourself) via a group that you have created in the app.
  • The function for multi-party calls is not built into the Konftel 300Mx and Konftel 300Wx , so here you have to create multi-party calls via your service provider or other supplier, but you can naturally use the group function to gather together recurring telephone groups. 

Note that your mobile connects with the conference phone via Bluetooth low energy. It is only used for control functions, not for audio transfer. Your mobile phone is not used for the actual call. Your Konftel unit takes care of that.