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Optimal video conferencing. Whatever the venue.

Konftel has video and audio products for both desktop use and conferences in large meeting rooms – from small professional cameras that you hang on the screen to major video solutions with conference phones and expansion microphones. In this article, we explain the difference between varying situations and needs.


Video in a meeting room

Invest in solutions that can be scaled up and down in order to space out the seating in the meeting room. A BYOM solution (Bring Your Own Meeting) is the perfect choice, with no need to share devices as the users bring their own laptops along to lead and participate in the meetings.



Image quality

Seeing the person you’re talking to adds a crucial dimension to the conversation. How sharp and detailed the image is depends in part on the resolution, which is expressed in pixels. Full HD has 1080 pixels and Ultra HD (4K) 2160 pixels, measuring vertically.

Image angle

In small meeting rooms, you’re usually close to the camera, so it needs to have a wide angle to avoid people having to lean forward to be seen. The image angle is stated in degrees and the higher the value the wider the angle. 


A motorized optical PTZ enables lossless capture of the whole meeting room by panning/tilting/zooming the camera. With EPTZ, this is done digitally within the fixed view.


With presets, you set the camera’s focal points for the room in advance. At the click of a button, the image changes instantly to show a whiteboard, for example.


Sound quality

Hearing and being heard are critical for the flow of the dialog. Our audio devices are tailored to different sizes of meeting to optimize the user experience. However, audio can never be too good, so you’re unlikely to regret investing in an audio device with higher specs than the meeting size suggests.


Konftel’s OmniSound® audio technology guarantees impressive, crystal clear sound in both directions. It supports full duplex, echo cancellation, noise suppression and other optimizations of conference audio.

Expansion mics

Extend the pick-up range by adding expansion microphones. 


In large-scale situations that require expanded audio pick-up and distribution, there is the option of linking multiple audio devices so that all the participants can enjoy a good audio experience.


Simple installation

Our video solutions are easy to install and to use, requiring very little in the way of previous knowledge. The camera, audio device and screen are linked up to the OCC Hub, and the user simply connects to that. 

One cable to get started

You would usually have to connect several cables to your laptop to get the sound, camera and screen to work. Our OCC Hub brings simplicity to the meeting room. The orange cable is all the user needs to connect to their laptop to create a complete video solution. 

Platform independent

Konftel’s video packages give you full flexibility to choose your meeting service, as they are platform independent, working with apps such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Google Meet.

Free updates

Invest in products that provide free firmware updates for a solution that is future-proofed for some time to come.



Personal video calls

As video calls become ever longer and more important, the individual workspace needs to operate on the same level as a dedicated meeting room. Make sure you choose user-friendly equipment that also delivers a professional sense of quality and naturally flowing dialog.


Image quality

Just like in meeting rooms, the image quality needs to be pin sharp. Many business-critical meetings need to be held digitally these days, so make sure you present yourself at your best.

Image angle

At your desk you’re usually right in front of the camera, so a 90° field of view is fine for a natural image with no distortion. 


An integral lens cover ensures that the camera is switched off when you want your privacy.


Sound quality

The chance of sealing a deal could be lost if you or the person at the other end can’t hear the conversation clearly. A speakerphone gives you the freedom to move around the room, while still ensuring a pleasant audio experience.


Konftel’s OmniSound® audio technology guarantees impressive, crystal clear sound in both directions. It supports full duplex, echo cancellation, noise suppression and other optimizations of conference audio.


Simple installation

Our products connect up easily via USB and are simple and straightforward to use. The camera can just be hung on your external display or on a tripod.

Platform independent

Whether you use Microsoft Teams, Zoom or Google Meet, all our USB-based products are fully compatible, giving you complete freedom to participate in meetings, whatever the service involved.


Check out our product guides for video solutions and cameras to find the perfect solution for you.