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Instant success with social collaboration tools

Our behavior on social media and the functions we use there are beginning to spill over into collaboration...


300 offices across northern Germany

AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG is an agricultural trade and service company with a total of 300 offices across northern...


Connect conference phone to IP PBX

A corporate PBX for IP telephony handles both analogue calls sent over the public switched telephone network...

Sound quality

Dr Sound explains the echo phenomenon

In the first episode of Dr Sound Audio Academy, John-Erik will explain the phenomenon echo in a telecom...

Sound quality

Dr Sound explains distortion

On this exiting trip into the world of sound and acoustics Dr Sound will focus on explaining the concept of...

Sound quality

Dr Sound explains double talk

Dr Sound is back with a new episode and subject this time is a really exciting and interesting one called...

Sound quality

Dr Sound explains noise

In this fifth episode of Dr Sound Audio Academy you will be educated on a topic familiar to everyone. Noise!

Sound quality

Dr Sound explains the reverb phenomenon

This time Dr Sound will address another common sound phenomenon, namely reverb.

Sound quality

Dr Sound explains sound levels

In this visit to the world of sound and acoustics Dr Sound will take you on a tour through the concept of...


Efficient contact with over 100 countries

Over the past few decades the world’s production industry has gone through dramatic changes. Production...


iCentrex wants to make things even easier

iCentrex has received considerable recognition for the ease of administration in its cloud-based unified...


One Touch Conferencing – how it works

Imagine being able to start your conference call with a single tap. Our mobile app Konftel Unite makes this...


Konftel ZTI – Just plug it in

Give customers IP conference phones that just need to be plugged in to use. Thanks to our Konftel ZTI service...


Sound quality and the importance of networks

Remote meetings with poor quality audio are often exhausting. Misunderstandings become more likely because...

Sound quality

OmniSound® - The search for the perfect sound

As more and more of us choose to hold distance meetings, the demands on technology continue to grow. But in...

Sound quality

How to get better sound in your meetings

Do you suffer from subpar sound in your distance meetings? Relax, we have some advice that might help. Our...


How to choose the right conference telephone

If your company is thinking about buying a new conference telephone, we have plenty of tips to help you find...


Scania has a stand-up meeting on the shopfloor

The Swedish truck manufacturer, Scania, has a workforce of about 39,000 employees and operations in more than...


Familiar pioneer that understands sound and design

Konftel is a pioneer in conference calls. We've been helping companies and organizations around the world to...

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