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Stefan Eriksson, 2015-10-28

Sound is important - a customer survey

We recently asked around sixty of our customers what they value the most when it comes to a remote meeting.

What do you believe is the most important factor in you remote meeting?

And yes, sound is really that important. A comment in the survey was “Sound is the basis of every meeting. The other things can be worked around but if you cannot clearly hear the meeting is over.” We couldn’t agree more.

Most common issues to poor sound quality in your meeting?

We tend to blame poor sound on the other end of the meeting. But that is maybe not so strange when we are asking our own customers, they have understood the importance of sound, but there are obviously still a lot of poor equipment out there.

We also asked how they think their sound is experienced on the other side in a remote meeting, see below, when using a Konftel.

…or when using a smaller personal device.

The results from the survey is really interesting and together with a lot of other indicators in the market this points out the direction Konftel is moving towards for the future. In short; sound really sounds important to all of us.


Stefan Eriksson