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Stefan Eriksson, 2017-11-01

Hybrid phones for every kind of personality

Advances in technology in the office environment often move both quickly and slowly. 

Some people very readily adopt new technologies that facilitate daily tasks, while there are those at the other end of the scale who are reluctant to make changes – this is how I’ve always done it. And businesses might have a point when they decide not to stay right on the cutting edge, but prefer to wait for the technology to mature. Migrating an entire office system invariably entails major investments and no one wants to jump on a bandwagon that will grind to a halt in a couple of years.

Cultural clashes in business meetings

There are few places where cultural clashes are as apparent as in the conference room or small huddle rooms, as they are now frequently known. In other words, spaces used by everyone. That includes early adopters who quickly respond to and try out new trends, and those who are somewhat more conservative. Most of us are guilty of rushing into the conference room or our small huddle room at the last moment to attend that important remote meeting. One person wants to use a service on the PC, someone wants to call from the conference phone and someone else is connecting a call from their mobile phone. It's just asking for trouble.

The answer is the hybrid phone

That's exactly why there are top range hybrid phones with outstanding audio in the market today. Phones that let you choose how you want to connect. Now everyone can use the same conference phone, whether the office has a DECT or IP phone system or a mobile PBX and someone else wants to use a USB connected computer. Decide according to needs and let people choose the solution that suits. Quite simply, the hybrid phone allows personalities of all kinds in the office to conduct hassle-free teleconferences without any cultural clashes. And with superlative audio quality.

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Stefan Eriksson