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Stefan Eriksson, 2017-12-07

New rooms for collaboration demand new solutions

Huddle rooms have become a key resource as offices embrace the new culture of meetings, but they're not without their challenges. We want to be quick and efficient, but is the technology up to the job? Let's see if we can answer that question.

Huddle rooms really took off a few years ago, as a smart and necessary response to the proliferation of open-plan offices. What they offered was a smaller and more effective space where you could concentrate better, hold a remote meeting or quickly convene a working group. Naturally, these rooms were a real hit. 

Demand has grown

Many commentators suggest that this trend has been driven by the entry of millennials into the workforce, since they are accustomed to collaborating in small groups at university. But it may also be that working practices have changed, with more specialized individuals dipping in and out of teams, in person or via distance meetings. For huddle rooms to have the greatest effect, they need to be available at any time and completely fuss-free. All you should need to do is pick up your laptop, find a room and start your meeting. 

New demands for collaboration 

There are now millions of huddle rooms around the globe, but unfortunately today's modern hybrid products  have yet to make it into them all. As you know, sound is a critical factor in a remote meeting, and of course you're right to expect a simple solution that works every time. Huddle rooms are all about flexibility and speed. So you also need a room where everyone who enters can immediately use the technology, whether you're plugging in your computer via USB or using the office's IP or DECT telephony system. 

Quick start, good sound

We all know that the speed of our decision-making is critical in an increasingly competitive and globalized market. In this context, few things are faster than an effective telephone meeting. And to make it effective, it needs to get started quickly and easily, whether it's in a large, well-equipped conference room or a simpler huddle room.

Stefan Eriksson