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Stefan Eriksson, 2018-10-03

“The era of video conferencing has arrived," states Forbes Insight

A study by Forbes Insights and Zoom indicates that video conferencing is starting to become the norm – both for meetings between internal teams and external stakeholders. The study also reveals new insights around how collaboration and productivity can benefit from video meetings.

The study is based on a global survey of 333 executives in July 2017 and the overall conclusion Forbes Insights draw is; "The era of video conferencing – its tipping point – has arrived." As much as 80% of the executives say that, relative to audio conferencing, video conferencing is fast becoming the norm for internal teams. And the number rises to 84% when they talk about collaboration with external stakeholders. Almost all of them, 92%, also say that video conferencing "has a positive impact on performance."

Facilities matters

One other thing we at Konftel find interesting in the survey is the fact that "95% of respondents believe their company could improve the effectiveness of teams by providing greater access to better-quality video conferencing facilities." When we started to look at video solutions we identified this issue as one of the most important – our collaboration solutions must be super easy to use. Our answer to this, when it comes to video, is the Konftel One Cable Connection hub, read more about our solutions here.

When looking deeper into where we use video conferencing the survey shows that 91% uses it in the conference room, 81% at the desktop and 69% with the mobile phone. That gives the conference room a role as an "anchor", as Forbes puts it in the survey. We couldn't agree more. We address all of these three scenarios with our hybrid solutions. Meaning you should be able to use the device for a whole range of different occasion and places even though the conference room often is the primary home of our collaboration solutions. 

Plan to increase

The study also looks ahead, and 88% of the executives say that their companies plan to increase their use of video conferencing over the next year. This change is expected to happen all across different groups and functions, both internally within the companies and when external business partners and customers are involved. 

Overall a really interesting study that Forbes Insight has made in association with the video service Zoom, that enables excellent video meetings. Go and check out the hole study called "The connected culture: Unleashing the Power of Video in Everyday Collaboration" by Forbes Insights in association with Zoom.


Stefan Eriksson