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Stefan Eriksson, 2019-03-15

What is a true conference delight?

When we started to look into the next generation of conference phones we had one clear vision – there is so much more to a distance meeting than meets the ear. So many stakeholders tend to be left out just because they are not in the room when the meeting is about to happen. But not this time.

Imagine a productive distance meeting when everyone in the room, and at the other end, is really there. The meeting starts on time due to the user-friendly interface and smart functions. No one from the IT/support-department needs to be called in at last minute. Everyone in the meeting can sit down relaxed or move around in the room throughout the session and both hear and be heard, the dialogue flows effortlessly. 

At the same time the finance department, and of course the one’s focused on the environment, is celebrating the winnings of a product with a long lifespan and several canceled business trips. 

The sources of errors

There can be a lot of other reasons why a meeting is not functioning, but historically we could to often blame it on the technology. Or the finance department who didn't give us a budget to buy equipment with adequate quality. Or the administrator of the meeting who didn't manage to set up the meeting on time due to complexity. Or just a missing cable. Doing a long list is easy.

If you see it that way, it's obvious that it's not just about the participants around the conference room. The need for simplicity extends way beyond.

Taste of delight

Back to the “next generation of conference phones”. After all, we are talking about a new conference phone model, built on a completely new product platform. The Konftel 800.

Me and my colleagues here at the marketing department have been aware of all the capabilities built in to the new hybrid conference phone for quite some time. Never the less, when we got to test it ourselves we were blown away. Everything from the design to the functionality were such a smooth experience, so enjoyable. And we realized that it should apply to all interested parties.

From there it was a small step to agree around the expression True Conference Delight, to describe the Konftel 800. Delight is a multi-facetted word and concept, but we found that to be a strength when used to communicate the new product.

Enjoy the video voice

Shortly after, our Art Director Mia started to draw some sketches and we sat down to plan with our local filmmakers. Together we came up with this way to tell the story – in a 100 seconds video (look below).  

Here at Konftel we love it! We hope you will too. But be sure to enjoy the video with sound turned on, and if possible with really good quality. As we always point out, voice and audio are the key elements when telling a story (if not in print … 😉).

If you want to know all the delicious details making up the True Conference Delight you can sign up to our newsletter, follow us on Facebook or LinkedIn or read more here. Konftel 800 will hit the shelves in the third quarter of 2019.


Stefan Eriksson