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Stefan Eriksson, 2019-06-13

The updated Konftel Unite is now even better

Version 2.0 of the Konftel Unite is here, with new features such as landscape mode and My Bridge. Konftel Unite connects your mobile phone with the conference phone. The app enables you to start a meeting with a single button press – what we call One Touch Conferencing – and access your personal contacts.

Version 2.0 includes a range of improvements, all of which make the app more useful in helping you to conduct smart and flawless distance meetings. For example, you can now enter both a moderator code and a participant code in advance, so that even if you are a moderator, you can use Konftel Unite to join meetings at someone else’s invitation – enabling you to switch between being a moderator in one meeting and a participant in the next. The calendar has also been changed so you can click on “Today’s agenda” to get a monthly view and so use previous invitations for a new One Touch Conference.

Landscape mode 

“My own favorite of the updates is that Konftel Unite now also supports a mobile phone or tablet in landscape mode,” says Torbjörn Karlsson, Product Manager and head of development for Konftel Unite. “This makes things much easier for those of us who like to have a tablet permanently set up in the conference room. In landscape mode, the split screen gives you an overview of the device, while also allowing you to switch between your calendar, address book or another function in the app.”

Konftel Unite App 2.0 landscape mode 

Another useful new feature is My Bridge, where you can enter the phone number and PIN code you use most often. You can also now add a prefix in the settings, such as a zero to call out via a switchboard.

“The updates to Konftel Unite make the app a complete accessory for managing some of our biggest conference phones via a tablet or mobile phone,” says Product Manager Torbjörn Karlsson. “The greatest benefit is that you can start meetings much more easily. In fact it can be done with a single touch if the relevant numbers and codes are entered in the meeting booking. Konftel Unite is also the perfect tool for the many companies that are installing a fixed tablet in their conference room.”

The Konftel 300IPx has built-in support for Konftel Unite, while the Konftel 300Mx and Konftel 300Wx support the app via the optional Konftel Unite adapter. The new Konftel 800 also has built-in support for the Unite app. The app is, of course, free of charge.

Find out more about Konftel Unite here.

Stefan Eriksson