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Stefan Eriksson, 2019-09-17

Appreciated webinar with Frost & Sullivan

In September 2019 we had a very cherished webinar together with Alexander G. Michael, Director of Consulting at Frost & Sullivan, and our own Product Manager Torbjörn Karlsson.

We talked about how the role of the meeting has changed. It's a fundamental shift, and almost all of us need to catch up. The meetings of tomorrow need to be smarter, more intuitive and supported by increasing amounts of collaboration technology. Don't miss this recorded webinar, and all the questions in the end, it's time well spent.

Key Questions we talked about in the webinar:

  • How do we satisfy end-user preferences without creating an IT support nightmare?
  • What are the most common end-user pain points and how could they be addressed? 
  • What is best practice in user experience, audio, video and collaboration technology? 
  • What should decision-makers look for when they select endpoints?

Here you find the webinar:

Stefan Eriksson