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Torbjörn Karlsson, 2019-10-04

Six things to look at when selecting endpoints

End-users still face many conferencing challenges. Not least when it comes to the quick developments of new huddle rooms, but also in the large conference rooms and the technology behind the scenes. To address the most significant ones, we asked Frost & Sullivan to put together a white paper on the challenges that end-users face when it comes to conferencing. 

The result is the excellent white paper "Enabling Dynamic Distance Meetings With Excellent Sound" that you can download here. In the white paper, Frost & Sullivan, among a lot of other things, lists six things that all decision-makers should look for when they select endpoints. I think it is a great checklist for all involved in this:

1. Capture challenges and pain points from your end-users. What are their real needs? 

2. Choose a vendor that understand your needs and helps you get the most out of your investment.

3. It is easy to underestimate requirements on audio equipment. Select an endpoint with slightly over-dimensioned capabilities.

4. Select a flexible endpoint with the fewest possible limitations.

5. Look for a vendor that is responsive to your demand and efficiently mobilize to get things done.

6. Choose an experienced vendor and secure that you get software upgrades in the future.

Download Frost & Sullivan's white paper and find out more about how you can address the conferencing challenges that lay ahead. We are all in this together, and we need to make the most of the meetings we participate in every day. Make sure that your meetings aren't inhibiting creativity.

Torbjörn Karlsson

Product Manager