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Daniel Anens, 2020-04-15

You can count on our support

Konftel’s Support team is noticing a steep rise in demand for sustainable and safe meeting solutions, which is good to see. Although our products are designed for ease of use and all our video packages have a unique One Cable Connection, it is only natural that some people need some practical assistance as the number of distance meetings rockets. 

We are going to quickly run through the sources of information that we have available, while also being clear that here at Support we are more than ready to handle the increased pressure. We are receiving a particularly high volume of questions about the best choice of products and technical solutions.

The easiest way to contact Konftel’s Support team is via our support form. This provides us with key information that makes it simpler to deal with your inquiry, but you can of course also call us. There are three different phone numbers depending on where you are in the world. To handle different time zones, we have people working in both Europe and the USA.

If you use the form, we will typically respond within a couple of hours but, as we said, you can also call us if the matter is seriously urgent. 

Resellers happy to help

We would also like to remind you about all our excellent resellers. They have in-depth knowledge about our products, different user situations and the most appropriate technical solutions, and will therefore often be able to answer your questions.

We have a whole section for support on Konftel’s website, with a large range of resources to steer our customers in the right direction. You will find more detailed product information and manuals for all our products, along with a comprehensive FAQ addressing the most common questions about each product. Many of the products also have clear instructional videos, which you can find on our support pages and on our YouTube channel

Useful guides

If the information you need is about how to choose new products, all sorts of great guidance is available, and we also have a five-step guide on how to get started with video conferences. To learn more about distance meetings, visitors to the website can explore Konftel’s incredibly informative material in the Academy section or the blog

We would also like to remind you that it is worth registering all new products in order to receive information about software updates and all our other news.

The Support team looks forward to helping even more new distance workers get to grips with the new way of working – don’t shut down, skill up. 


Daniel Anens

Product Specialist