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Press releases, 2021-01-20

Konftel partners up with Barco ClickShare Conference for certified wireless meeting solutions

The global market leader in products for effective distance meetings, Konftel, has launched a close partnership with Barco, which offers the leading solution for wireless video conferencing. Konftel’s conference cameras and speakerphones are already certified for and compatible with Barco’s series of ClickShare Conference products. 

Konftel and Barco have a shared mission to create simple and flexible room solutions for video conferencing, enabling restriction-free use of familiar apps and cloud services. With our concept, which we call BYOM or Bring Your Own Meeting, the person leading the meeting can take their own laptop into the meeting room and connect to a camera, audio and display via a single USB cable.

In the combined solution using Konftel’s products and ClickShare Conference, the connection between the laptop and conference cam, speakerphone and display is fully wireless.

“We know from experience what strong demand there is for reliable wireless products and I am impressed by the simplicity of the powerful ClickShare Conference solutions. By joining forces with Barco, we are delivering clear added value for Konftel’s customers and sales channels,” says Stefan Eriksson, CMO at Konftel.


Creating a wireless experience in the meeting room

All of Konftel’s conference cameras, speakerphones and video packages now carry the label “Certified for ClickShare Conference – Barco”. This means that all three models in the ClickShare CX series are regularly tested to ensure compatibility with, for example, the Konftel Cam20 and Cam50, Konftel 55Wx and 800, and the complete video kits that range from the little Konftel C20Ego to the premium C50800 Hybrid package. 

The joint offering enables platform-independent and wireless video conferences to be conducted in meeting rooms of all sizes.

“Teaming up with Konftel is great. Their video packages combined and certified for use with our ClickShare Conference products bring customers a unique hybrid meeting solution. Premium audio and video combined with easy, flexible wireless conferencing creates a total meeting room solution that impresses with sound and video, reduces wires and simplifies the meeting experience with just one click of a Button.” says David Fitzgerald, vice president, Global Alliances at Barco.

Making green investment easy

Distance meetings are a smart way to save time and money, while also cutting down on business travel and thus contributing to a more sustainable world. In 2020, Konftel became the first company in the industry to obtain Climate Neutral certification, which means that customers who choose a Konftel video solution start with a carbon footprint of zero when replacing business trips with video conferencing. In addition, Barco’s product and design team has achieved an impressively high Ecoscore for the ClickShare Conference product series.

 “We experience an ever increasing demand for collaboration products to cater for the hybrid workplace needs. At the same time, more and more organisations consider the climate impact when planning for equipment investments. Together Konftel and Barco are able to offer sustainable video conference solutions to help end-customers achieve their green goals.” says Stefan Eriksson, CMO at Konftel. 


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