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Press releases, 2022-02-18

Konftel’s Interactive Room Type Guide Streamlines The Sales Process

Konftel’s interactive room type guide is being hailed a resounding success – helping resellers and their customers ‘cut through the conferencing jungle’ and speed-up the sales cycle.

The powerful new tool – available here – showcases Konftel’s expanded product portfolio based on collaboration solutions for any room type – highlighting how video is everywhere and everywhere is video, in a rapidly evolving workplace.

Launched last Autumn, the guide helps users pinpoint the optimum set-up to understand the different dynamics of any video meeting scenario. It’s earned industry-wide acclaim.

Tremendous Impact

Kevin Johnson, Sales Director, at Jenne Inc., a leading value-added distributor serving agents and value-added resellers throughout the U.S., is finding that Konftel’s 3D Interactive Room Guide has quickly proven to be a valuable sales tool. 

“Konftel’s Room Guide feature is extremely helpful for my team members to provide a quick product recommendation to our valued partners,” Johnson said. “It provides a great visualization of how the product fits in an end user’s environment opposed to relying solely on spec sheets. The interactive guide expedites the sales process by allowing the user to locate the right product for 
any application without any guess work.”

According to Danny Hayasaka, Sr. Director of Marketing & Emerging Technology at leading telecommunications equipment suppliers Call One, Inc. and Hello Direct, Inc., Konftel’s 3D Interactive Room Guide simplifies the sales process. 

“We support a broad range of customers across multiple industries who are revisiting their meeting room setups. Their goal is to video-enable these spaces to support hybrid work models,” he said. “One size does not fit all when outfitting the various room types and areas.” 

“Konftel has simplified the process by creating an online room configuration tool that provides audio and video device recommendations based on the room size and layout, Hayasaka continued. “Only one other leading partner provides such a valuable free tool I’m aware of.” 

According to Peter Gasparro, U.S. Sales Director at Konftel, a major benefit is the ability to show how solutions can function in diverse environments. “Whether we’re dealing with a home office, a cubicle, a huddle room, a collaboration space, a conference room or a multi-purpose room, the room guide is designed to outfit your specific room with the proper equipment,” he said.

Konftel customers might first seek out conferencing solutions for a specific room – but once they encounter the 3D Room Guide, they quickly realize that there are other spaces that could benefit as well. “They are easily able to see how an installation can be expanded with user-friendly solutions,” he added.

The innovative 3D guide identifies the most appropriate products and connectivity set-up, from personal workspaces, focus and huddle rooms to large multipurpose rooms – based on an overall objective to optimise video enabled meetings, whatever the layout.

About Konftel
Konftel is a leading company within collaboration endpoint solutions. Since 1988, our mission has been to help people in businesses around the world to have meetings regardless of distance. We know that remote collaboration is an effective way to save time, money and contribute to a more sustainable world. We are Climate Neutral Certified, offering customers an option to purchase video conferencing equipment while keeping a clear climate conscience. Crystal clear audio and a sharp video image are essential for efficient meetings; this is why we only focus on cutting-edge technology in our Collaboration Solutions. Our audio technology OmniSound® is built into all Konftel Conference phones and devices. The products are sold globally under the Konftel brand and our headquarters are based in Sweden. Read more about the company and our products at

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