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Press releases, 2020-09-15

Get Smart and See The Bigger Picture

Konftel’s UK Sales Director, Jeff May, discusses smart office trends with Comms Business magazine.

The impact of high quality video and audio conferencing isn’t lost on Jeff who says for the first time in its 32-year history, Konftel is now selling more video oriented equipment than audio solutions in the UK and beyond.

High performance video kits such as the C20Ego and new all-in-one Konftel CC200 collaboration camera are revolutionising the way people work – capitalising on today’s dispersed workforce trends. Jeff reveals how video centric solutions now account for 65% of demand, with similar patterns on the continent too, compared to standalone audio sales.

“The world of work has changed and it will never go back. Technology has undoubtedly inspired a shift in culture but it’s not a universal sea change. Some people are now working in the office again, others want to remain at home and there’s also a growing number who prefer to do both. Every company will have their own views and policies too.

“Remote working has demonstrated its efficiency. Pre-Covid the minority worked from home but not now. People have proven to themselves and their companies that it works. They are not commuting for a couple of hours each day.

“In the past many businesses felt they needed to have all staff together to feed off each other. Some doubted the efficiency of remote working. But now most are more flexible. During lockdown we were almost forced to use software-based collaboration tools and we’re more familiar and confident with them now. Technology has fuelled this transition. It’s changed a lot but its origins can be traced back several decades in terms of the basic concept. More and more people use it and know it works and understand it. They are comfortable and have the confidence. It’s a professional-level, easy-to-use experience. You don’t need to be in the office. You can save travel time and costs. People now know alternative options are often a better way to work. 

“However we’ve all got to realise that remote working does bring its own challenges, especially around mental well-being and isolation. There’s now a viable choice; having your office at home or being surrounded by colleagues as before. Whatever the requirements, high quality video and audio conferencing provides a compelling platform to do both.” 


Issued by Konftel (UK)

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