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Press releases, 2021-01-19

Konftel Launches Enhanced Version Of The Worlds Only Mobile Conference Phone

A new and enhanced version of the world’s first and only mobile conference phone from Konftel is being hailed as a ‘game changer’.

The Konftel 300Mx now boasts 4G connectivity which makes it a ‘perfect fit’ for today’s work from anywhere trends. The upgraded device boasts 30 hours of call time on one charge and provides cable-free meetings anywhere.

“Users just need to insert a SIM card and they can set up a conference call without the need for a fixed telephone network,” explains UK Sales Director, Jeff May. “It’s a real game-changer particularly in today’s world of more agile and flexible working.”

He adds: “The total freedom offered by the Konftel 300Mx has made it an extremely popular portable device to carry around without being tied to a particular location. If physical distancing is required, users can simply connect additional microphones so all the participants can still be heard with superb clarity.”

The Konftel 300Mx 4G employs Konftel’s renowned OmniSound® audio technology and supports HD Voice on mobile networks for crystal clear sound. In addition, the Konftel Unite Adapter allows users to manage calls and meeting functions via a convenient mobile phone app.

“It comes with a practical charging cradle and now delivers an impressive 30 hours of call time on a single charge,” says Jeff.” In addition, we have equipped it with a USB socket so users can easily use their own laptop and run Microsoft Teams, Zoom or some other service for video conferencing and connect up the Konftel 300Mx 4G as a professional speakerphone.” 

The Konftel 300Mx 4G works seamlessly with the Konftel Cam50 and Konftel OCC Hub. A single USB cable is then all the user needs to connect the camera, the conference phone and the room’s screen to the collaboration app on their laptop. 

Jeff concludes: “One of the reasons for upgrading the Konftel 300Mx is that the 3G network is starting to be phased out in some parts of the world. Just like all of Konftel’s products, the Konftel 300Mx 4G is certified as climate neutral at the time of purchase. This means that, via the independent non-profit organisation Climate Neutral, Konftel has offset the greenhouse gas emissions that occurred during manufacture and transport.”


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