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Jeff May, 2021-06-15

Why making a sound investment is a good choice

As video conferencing continues to redefine the way the world does business, it’s high quality audio on which people rely – in many ways even more so than pristine picture quality.

For whilst cameras can be turned on or off, a video call is nothing without good sound, without which the meeting cannot continue.

Many have made do with their devices’ in-built mics and speakers but, with everything suggesting a future permanence to this new way of working, differentiation is now energising the market. 

And that means quality really matters. Mobility, audio sharpness, reduction of background noise – these are all factors which greatly influence the overall quality of any call, whether voice or video.

Top quality audio

In the beginning, most people just used whatever kit they were given. Now, people want choice. They want top quality audio and video in every online meeting they attend. We can cope with video going fuzzy by just turning off our cameras. Without audio, nothing works.

The act of communication has changed beyond recognition; hastened this past 18 months due to the pandemic. Call environments are now hugely varied.

Conference calls used to only be made inside designated conference call meeting rooms set up for good acoustics. Now calls are made from pretty much anywhere. Jumping into a conference has become the norm. There is a lot more dynamism and spontaneity to the way we utilise conference calling and so we have come to expect so much more from the kit and the functionality.

Users are far more discerning and will continue to be so going forward. They are also much more aware as to what the options are and the differentiators that exist.

Those with the best audio and video on a call stand out. Their contribution to the call is accentuated as a result of the way they sound. It’s the way we make the best impression nowadays.

People are seeing that and they are understanding that it’s no longer the right thing to simply rely on microphones and speakers that are integrated into their devices.

Sound investment

Organisations are busy responding to the challenges and opportunities presented by the pandemic and its effects on the way we all work. For many that means maintaining a workforce that may be much more remote than it was before and for whom conferencing will always be the new norm.

It also means many will need to either redesign or re-equip office locations to take account of the same changes. Large conference rooms with vast glass tables, for example, make for really poor acoustics.

Konftel delivers great video quality as well as great audio. Make sure you always make a sound investment!

Jeff May

Regional Sales Director