Hybrid Conferencing

One speakerphone is enough. Suitable for every personality type.

Technical advances in the workplace can be described as both fast and slow at the same time.
And the same goes for the users – some of us are quick to embrace new technology and new services, while others feel more comfortable with what they are used to.
But that shouldn't be seen as a problem. 

Our powerful speakerphones handle  both PC-based collaboration and conference calls.  They have a USB connection for your laptop and at the same time support different types of telephone lines. This makes them perfect for the distance meetings of today and tomorrow. And for all the personality types in the office.

All you need is one speakerphone in your meeting room.
We call it Hybrid Conferencing.

How it works

Quick Guide (pdf)

Powerful hybrids

For collaboration and conference calls


Konftel 300IPx – Hybrid Conferencing

Connectivity: USB + SIP


Konftel 300IPx – Hybrid Conferencing

Connectivity: USB + SIP


Konftel 300Wx – Hybrid Conferencing

Connectivity: USB + DECT


Konftel 300Mx – Hybrid Conferencing

Connectivity: USB + 4G


Konftel 300 – Hybrid Conferencing

Connectivity: USB + Analog

Which one are you?

Our hybrid products actually suit all of you.

Hi-Tech Hilda

Hybrid Conferencing – Hi-Tech Hilda
"I love new technology. Things are constantly advancing and new technology is therefore always that much better than what we used yesterday. There's no point worrying too much about all the systems being able to communicate with each other straight away, because then we'd never move forward. The horse and carriage was never compatible with the petrol engine.”

Sensible Steve

Hybrid Conferencing – Sensible Steve
"I love really getting into new technology. Searching, reading and analyzing. These days, there's no need to test something first. Let the bloggers and magazines do the testing, and I'll get on board when the time is right. I always buy the right gadget at the right time."

Latecomer Lisa

Hybrid Conferencing – Latecomer Lisa
"Technology should simply help me to achieve my goals. I don't want to have to engage with it more than is absolutely necessary. And when I do start using something new, I want it to function properly from the start. I really hate it when things don't work properly! My focus is on the business at hand, so I want the technology to work and do what I need it to do."

Conservative Conrad

Hybrid Conferencing – Conservative Konrad
"If it ain't broke, don't fix it. As soon as you bring in new technology, you lose both momentum and focus. All the time taken up with converting, setting up and adjusting, I spend on our core business instead. The others can sit there messing on their screens, while I carry on working and actually get things done.”