One Touch Conferencing

The Konftel Unite combines with your Konftel device to make your conference calls flow smoothly. The app is highly intuitive and based on our natural mobile behavior. Get started with One Touch Conferencing. You'll love it!

The Konftel 300IPx has in-built support for Konftel Unite, while the Konftel 300Wx support the app via the optional Konftel Unite adapter. 

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Start the meeting with one tap

The Konftel Unite makes starting a telephone meeting effortless. You can enter meeting codes and relevant phone numbers at the same time as booking a meeting or sending out the invitations. With our One Touch Conferencing, one touch really is all it takes to start or join a meeting. Less stress, better meetings.

Let your mobile phone help out

In addition to One Touch Conferencing, Konftel Unite enables you to use your personal contacts and calendars on your mobile phone. You get direct access to all your contacts, and you can create groups and favorites in the app to make starting up meetings even easier. You can also easily choose which calendar you want to sync the app to and pre-enter several pin codes, depending on if you're  a moderator or a meeting participant. In short, you can personalize your conference call.

Tablet or mobile takes control

Konftel Unite also allows you to control the conference phone itself from your mobile or tablet during the meeting. You can raise or lower the volume, put participants on hold or speak privately. Your mobile phone or tablet thus becomes a natural and intuitive extension of your Konftel device.

Experience One Touch Conferencing with the Konftel 300Wx using the optional Konftel Unite adapter.

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"Our judges were very impressed with the ingenuity and excellence displayed by Konftel in their groundbreaking work on One Touch Conferencing." Rich Tehrani, CEO, TMC

TMC UC – Product of the Year 2017



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