• Detach the audio from the furnishings

    Experience true room flexibility

Ceiling mount for large and multipurpose rooms

The ceiling mount option for Konftel 800 speakerphone solutions is an appealing alternative to traditional desktop placement. It addresses growing demand for smarter and more flexible room configurations. You can move furniture and rearrange the room every day without any technology hassle. Perfect for larger spaces and multipurpose rooms, where the daisy-chain capabilities of the Konftel 800 makes sure every inch of the room is covered.

A neater and more comfortable experience

With the speakerphones mounted to the ceiling you’re clearing the table from devices and cables, for a really neat and tidy room appearance. It also elevates the video meeting experience. The user can forget about where the microphone is placed and focus on the interaction with remote participants on the screen. The audio pick-up and distribution works it’s magic without anyone noticing. It all comes natural.

The parts required to create a cost-effective solution

Konftel C50800 Attach

The premium videokit that is optimized for in room PC solutions such as Microsoft Teams Rooms and Zoom Rooms.

Konftel 800

One or two extra Konftel 800:s, depending on the room size. Connect in daisy-chain mode.

Konftel 800 Ceiling Mount kit

Makes it easy to achieve neat installations of the Konftel 800 in the ceiling or on walls.

Konftel Daisy-chain cables

Are used to connect up to three Konftel 800 devices via the ports for audio expansion.

A smarter way to lecture

Connect an approved* wireless headset to the conference phone. The Konftel 800 supports Lecture Mode from software version
This gives the presenter total freedom of movement and position in the room. Everyone will hear clearly all the time. 

While the presenter is speaking, the Konftel 800 will automatically mute all device microphones and only keep the headset microphone open. When the person stops talking, the speakerphone microphones are unmuted and all participants in the room can be heard. But through the headset, the remote participants can always be heard. Pretty smart, and a bit unique.

* See the interoperability list on the Konftel 800 support page for approved headsets.

Dive into the installation variants

Check out these PDF sheets to learn more about the different setup and wiring options available for ceiling mounted Konftel 800 speakerphones. There are two distinct lines of video kits, optimized for either in room PC based systems or Bring Your Own Meeting (laptop) and different room sizes. 

Download PDF sheets