IP conference phone. For real.

  • Room type: Small to Medium

  • SIP

  • Built-in bridging function

  • Zero Touch Installation

  • OmniSound® with HD audio

  • Recording on memory card

The Konftel 300IP is perfect for both cloud-based and traditional IP platforms, giving you everything you need for effective, top-quality distance meetings. Konftel's OmniSound® audio technology delivers crystal-clear, natural HD audio. Add optional expansion microphones for medium to large rooms, or a PA interface box for up to extra large rooms.

The Konftel 300IP is perfect for both cloud-based and traditional IP platforms, giving you everything you need for effective, top-quality distance meetings. Konftel's OmniSound® audio technology delivers crystal-clear, natural HD audio. Add optional expansion microphones for medium to large rooms, or a PA interface box for up to extra large rooms.

Tried and tested

The Konftel 300IP is a big favorite with companies and organizations around the world. This is due to the winning combination of product quality, practical features and design. As a SIP telephone, it has been tested and validated for a wide range of popular IP platforms (see interoperability table), in accordance with Konftel's strategy.

Smart features

This is a proper conference telephone. The built-in bridging function handles five-way calls, which reduces the need for external bridging services. The conference guide makes it easy to call up groups at the touch of a button.
Another popular feature of the Konftel 300IP is recording onto an SD memory card.

Grows with the task

The Konftel 300IP fits everything from small rooms to large auditoriums. It includes the option to connect a pair of expansion microphones to increase the room pickup range. You can also connect a wireless headset if you're lecturing. If you use the PA interface box to connect to a PA system, there is no limit to the size of the meeting room.


Even the smallest noise can be a real distraction

That's why we've spent more than 30 years honing our OmniSound® audio technology. Perfection every time.

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Easy for the administrator

The Konftel 300IP can be configured and updated via the web interface or the company's own provisioning server. Another convenient option is Konftel's web service Zero Touch Installation. You can also download new software and update the phone offline.

Climate neutral products

Konftel is certified in line with the Climate Neutral standard. This means that we have offset all our greenhouse gas emissions and are taking action to further reduce those emissions. When you choose a Konftel product, you keep a clear climate conscience while supporting your organization’s growing need for video collaboration. Keep an eye out for the Climate Neutral Certified label, which indicates that all our products are climate neutral.

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  • Room type: Small to Medium

  • SIP

  • Expandable with additional microphones

  • Connection to PA system (PA box)

  • Connect a wireless headset

  • OmniSound® with HD audio

  • Recording on memory card

  • Free software updates

  • Power over Ethernet

  • Climate Neutral Certified

  • Built-in bridge for 5-way calls

  • Efficient, scalable provisioning

  • Two-year warranty

  • Web-based configuration

Show technical spec

Technical specifications

  • General
  • Product name: Konftel 300IP
  • Item number: 910101079
  • Konftel 300IP is supplied with an Ethernet cable (900103402).
  • Product documentation: Product documentation: Quick Reference Guide in Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish. Manual in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Swedish. Administrator's Guide and Quick Installation Guide in English.
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Size: Diameter 240 mm, height 77 mm
  • Weight: 1 kg.
  • Color: Licorice black.
  • Anti-theft protection: Kensington® security slot.
  • User interface
  • Display: LCD, 128 x 64 px (5 x 2.5”).
  • Keypad: Alphanumeric 0–9, *, call/R, end call, mute, hold, volume up, volume down, 5 buttons for menu navigation, line mode, conference guide.
  • Menu languages: Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish.
  • Phone book: Up to 1000 contacts per user profile. Export/import of contacts.
  • Conference guide: 20 groups per user profile, 4 parties per group.
  • Call features
  • During calls: Put calls on hold. Call waiting. Park/retrieve calls (if supported by PBX). Move incoming calls. Request. Music on hold. Dial plan.
  • Number dialing: Telephone numbers and SIP URI. ENUM Support E.164 (if supported by PBX).
  • Multi-party calls: Local 5-way calls. Two configurable SIP accounts.
  • Power supply
  • AC adapter: IEEE 802.3af Power over Ethernet Class III. Transformer 100-240 V AC/13.5 V DC (optional).
  • Connectivity
  • SIP: RJ 45, Ethernet 10/100 Base T (IEEE 802.3ab), PoE (IEEE 802.3af, LLDP-MED) (ANSI/TIA-1057), LDAP (RFC1777), DNS SRV (RFC3263).
  • Approvals
  • Safety: EN 60950-1:2006 + A11:2009 + A1 2010 + A12:2011 + A2:2013. IEC 60950-1:2005+A1+A2.
  • EMC: EN 55022 (2010), EN 55024 (2010).
  • Network and communication
  • Network addressing: DHCP and static IP NAT.
  • NAT traversal: STUN, ICE and TURN.
  • Connection protocol: SIP 2.0 (RFC 3261 and associated RFCs).
  • Signaling: UDP, TCP, TLS and SIPS.
  • Media protocol: RTP, SRTP.
  • Security: 802.1x authentication with EAP-TLS.
  • Quality of Service: DiffServ, VLAN (IEEE 802.1p/Q).
  • Configuration and provisioning: Via web interface (HTTP/HTTPS) or Konftel ZTI (Zero Touch Installation). Support for auto-provisioning with certificate management.
  • DTMF tone generation: RFC 4733/2833, SIP INFO, In-band.
  • Time server: NTP and SNTP (RFC4330).
  • Additional features: Remote syslog, PCAP-log, unique host name.

    This product includes software developed by the OpenSSL Project for use in the OpenSSL Toolkit. (http://www.openssl.org/). This product includes cryptographic software written by Eric Young (eay@cryptsoft.com)
  • Connection to devices
  • Auxiliary: Modular 4/4 for wireless headset or PA system.
  • Expansion microphones: 2 x modular 4/4.
  • Audio specifications
  • Technology: OmniSound® with support for HD audio, full duplex, automatic echo cancellation and noise suppression.
  • Microphone: Omnidirectional 360˚.
  • Pick-up range: 4,5 m
  • Frequency: 200 – 7000 Hz.
  • Volume: Max 90 dB SPL 0.5 m.
  • Equalizer: Three settings – dark, neutral, bright.
  • Codecs: G722, G711 A-law, G711 μ-law, G729ab.
  • Additional features
  • Line bridging function: Built-in bridge for 5-way calls
  • Recording: Support for SD and SDHC memory cards.
  • Software updates: TFTP/HTTP/TTPS.
  • Audio expansion
  • Expansion Microphones: Sold in pairs. Each expansion microphone has a pick-up range of 2 meters. Item number 900102113. Read more
  • PA Interface Box: For connection to external loudspeaker and microphone systems (PA systems). Item number 900102087. Read more
  • Environment
  • Temperature: 5° – 40°C.
  • Relative humidity: 20 – 80% condensation-free.



The Konftel 300IP is SIP-compatible and normally works in any SIP environment. We also optimize and certify the IP conference phone for the market's leading communications platforms in order to guarantee properties and features. Below you will find a clear summary of the solution. If your system is not listed in the table and you need help configuring the Konftel 300IP to your system, contact our support team.

Brand Model Tested Notes
Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX Enterprise Yes NA
Avaya Communication Manager Yes Application Note
Avaya Integral Enterprise Yes Application Note
Avaya IP Office* Yes Installation
Mitel (Aastra) MX-ONE Yes
Mitel (Aastra) Ascotel i7.7 Yes
Mitel (Aastra) BusinessPhone Yes
Brekeke PBX 2.0 Yes
Broadsoft Broadworks Yes Validation announcement   Installation
Cisco Cisco Unified Communication Manager Yes Installation
Digium Asterisk Yes
Mitel 3300 Yes
NEC Phillips iS3000 v810.42, SV9100 Yes Compatibility Report
OpenSER/OpenSIPS Yes
Panasonic NCP500/1000 Yes
Atos Unify (Siemens) HiPath 4000 (v4.0, v5.0), OpenOffice MX Yes
Atos Unify OpenScape Business Yes Certificate
Atos Unify OpenScape 4000 V7 Yes Certificate Test report
Atos Unify OpenScape Voice V9 Yes Certificate Test report
Skype Connect Yes Installation
3CX IP Phone System Yes Installation   Test protocol
CommuniGate Pro Yes Installation   Test protocol
Advoco NetPBX Dialect Unified Yes Installation   Test protocol
Broadworks TDC Scale Yes Installation
Siemens OpenScape Office MX Yes Test protocol
iCentrex iCentrex Yes Installation
babyTEL Yes Installation
Unotelefoni Asterisk PBX Yes Installation
Allworx Allworx 48x/6x Yes
Samsung OfficeServ7200 Yes
Swyx SwyxWare Yes Test details   SwyxWare Certificate
Vonage/Vocalocity Yes
AltiGen IP-PBX** Yes
XBlue Networks X-50 VoIP Phone System Yes
ShoreTel ShoreTel 14.2 Yes Application Note  Details on ShoreTel
Innovaphone  Innovaphone 12R2 Yes Status Test report
 Telia Touchpoint Yes  


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