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Konftel 300-series SD-call recording

Learn how to record a conference call with the Konftel conference phones. SD-call recording is available in...

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Add expansion microphones to your Konftel

Expansion microphones is available for Konftel 250, Konftel 300, Konftel 300IP and Konftel 300M.

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Connect your Konftel 300/300IP to an installed audio system.

The PA interface box connects the conference phone with an existing PA system. The PA interface box works with...

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Connect a wireless headset to your Konftel 300

Connect a wireless headset to your Konftel 300 or Konftel 300IP for better mobility.

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Using the Instant Conference guide

Using the Instant Conference guide on a Konftel conference phone.

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Conference guide settings

When a multi-party call is going to be connected, a special signal (flash or R-pulse) is produced which...

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The Konftel 300 connects to an analog line on the public telephone network or a PBX via an analog card. You can also connect to a cell phone via an optional cable or to a computer via USB.

Connects to analog public telephone line or PBX with an analogue card via a Modular 6/6, RJ11.
Connects to cell phones with optional cables, Modular 6/6.
Connects to computer with enclosed USB cable, 2.0.
Operating system Audio Upgrade*
Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 Yes Yes
Mac OS X 10.6/10.11 Yes
Linux (Fedora 20) Yes
* Upgrade the conference phone via the Upgrade Utility


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Software update

How to install the latest version

Konftel 300 upgrade v. 1.38

  • Fixed issue with USB audio performance.
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Update your Konftel 300

Step 1: Install Konftel Upgrade Utility

The Konftel Upgrade Utility is a program developed by Konftel to update the software on your conference phone.

Download and run the installation file and follow the instructions.

You may have to run the installation program as an administrator.

System Requirements
Download Upgrade Utility


Step 2: Update your Konftel conference phone

Launch the Konftel Upgrade Utility, which will now be in your start menu, and follow the instructions.

We recommend that you allow the Konftel Upgrade Utility to automatically download and install the latest software.

When you are done, you can close the Konftel Upgrade Utility and restart your Konftel.

Manual software download

It is also possible to download the latest version and install the file directly from your computer using the Konftel Upgrade Utility. This can be useful if you have restricted internet access or if a conference phone is not installed and connected to the internet.

Download software 

End-user license agreement (EULA)

By downloading the software, you accept the EULA terms and conditions in this document.

EULA document

Two-year warranty

Peace of mind

All Konftel models come with a two-year warranty. The warranty is invalidated if the product has been damaged due to negligence, incorrect use, manipulation or unauthorized modification or if the product has been subjected to fire, an electrical storm or a power surge. A fee will be charged for returned products that are found to have no faults.

Servicing after warranty

Servicing is available after the warranty expires. Create a ticket and describe the error and we will send you a costing.


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