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Stefan Eriksson, 2018-02-05

Konftel Unite app becomes a hub

The Konftel Unite app is a clear way for us at Konftel to embrace the way the mobile phone has become a natural part of today’s working life. And where is the mobile trend going to take the world’s conference rooms over the longer term?

“One clear trend is for the Konftel Unite app to tie us in more closely with the service providers,” says Torbjörn Karlsson, Product Manager at Konftel. “In the not too distant future, we hope to incorporate the telephony providers’ conference services into our Konftel Unite app. This is an important development that will make things much easier for the user of our conference phones and the telephony providers’ customers.”

It will be even simpler to link up the meeting invitations in the conference services with the conference phone. But it will also see these bridging services and telephone features being interwoven and brought together in the app on the meeting participants’ phones. The participants will be able to see who is involved in the meeting, control sound levels and access the telephony providers’ menus of other services.”

Services added to the app

“Although the telephony providers are obvious partners to bring into the app, we’re also looking at other service providers who can be added to make life easier for users,” says Torbjörn Karlsson, Product Manager at Konftel.

These might include transcription services that can transfer audio into text. At the end of the call you could generate a printout or view the transcript of everything that was said at the meeting directly on your phone.

“Our app naturally offers the potential to use the voice control facility on everyone’s phone, for example by asking Siri to start the meeting without having to tap any buttons.”

It’s clear that the Konftel Unite app will play a role as an important hub. A place where Konftel’s advanced telephones can be paired with an intuitive interface for meeting participants, and where telephony and service providers can jump in and offer brand new services. All presented in an environment and on a device that everyone is completely familiar with – and looks at as many as 150 times a day.

Stefan Eriksson

Director comercial