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Stefan Eriksson, 2018-06-19

Simplicity is important to Swedish companies

Practically everyone is looking for simpler solutions for their distance meetings, according to a new Swedish survey. The survey also indicates that companies increasingly have a strategy for distance meetings, which is good news.

9,000 Swedish companies with more than 10 employees responded to the questionnaire about distance meetings, which revealed a number of interesting facts. Here at Konftel, we know that our domestic market of Sweden differs slightly from much of the world due its high numbers of ‘early adopters’, but some of the points are common across multiple markets. 

“The survey shows that 30 percent have a strategy for distance meetings and a further 20 percent say they are currently developing one. That means around half will soon have a strategy in place, which sounds like a really good number,” says Peter Renkel, CEO of Konftel. “Having a serious strategy makes it easier to procure technology that supports your decisions. You know which technical support functions you need to handle your processes.” 

Find out more about how to create a strategy for distance meetings here.


80 percent use audio and video

Almost 80 percent of the survey’s respondents also state that they use both audio and video in their meetings. Sweden may be ahead of the curve on this, but we are seeing the same trend around the world.

However, the most striking thing about the survey is the responses to the question “Is there anything in your solutions that you wish would work better and if so what?”. Almost everyone wants simpler solutions. Comments include “Simplicity is important ... we find current solutions too complicated for our users” and “Easier to connect equipment and make it all work”. 

“This is where the focus is today”

“It’s a recurring theme,” confirms Peter Renkel, CEO of Konftel. “And it’s also where we’re putting all our focus today, not least in developing our video solutions. We’ve put 30 years of experience from conference rooms all around the globe into this area. But there are many potential sources of error and we always have to remember that we are dealing with people. Nevertheless, I believe we’ve come a very long way, for instance with what we call our hybrid solutions, where we offer a range of connection options in the same telephone to suit almost everyone in the office.


The survey indicates that most people still feel the solution they have meets their needs. However, around 12 percent state that they will be considering other alternatives in the near future. We’ll be doing our very best to offer these people solutions that are as simple and user-friendly as possible.”


Stefan Eriksson

Director comercial