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Stefan Eriksson, 2018-08-13

New communication tools are scary – even the young ones think so

We often think that when it comes to new technology the younger generations always love it. The older generations are more suspicious and take time to adopt new things. However, a new survey from Microsoft indicates that the picture is more complicated than that.

In fact, when Microsoft conducted a large-scale survey and asked 4,000 people of different ages from seven countries about the changing landscape of teamwork, it became obvious we have to rethink some of our perceptions.

For example, 50% of Gen Z (ages 18–21) say they feel stressed when new communication tools are introduced. For the Baby Boomers (ages 55–59) only 38% say they feel stressed and for Gen X (ages 35–54) it is 40%.

Balance is important

We can also see that when asked if they are optimistic about whether new technology can improve their work-life balance, only 11% of Gen Z think so. In the other generations, around 30% are optimistic about the ability of new technologies to help balance work and life.

It is time to take these figures seriously. When you think of upgrading your office with new tools for collaboration, you have to do everything in your power to make them as easy to use for everyone at the office. At Konftel, we like to think that we have had this focus all along. And that is the reason behind our hybrid products – our conference phones are suitable for those who want to use Skype on the computer, as well as those who like to use the ordinary telephone line for calls.  

An app everybody can use

We have also introduced a function we call Konftel Unite. It means that you can combine your Konftel device with an app that is highly intuitive and based on our natural mobile behavior. We call it One Touch Conferencing and we think it will increase the gap between the generations that are going to use your conference phones in the office. And with video now added to our portfolio, we have really done everything in our power to make it as easy to use as possible. Read more here.

So, let's embrace the differences between the generations. Give everybody in the office the chance to use their full potential without feeling the stress of malfunctioning or troublesome new technology. 

Read the report from Microsoft here

Stefan Eriksson

Director comercial