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Torbjörn Karlsson, 2022-03-23

How To Take More Image Control

Most Konftel video meetings take place quickly and easily but there are occasions when you may want more specific image optimization. Let’s show you how!

We recognize every successful conference meeting is based on a series of crucial factors including a high resolution camera, high quality camera lens and zoom capabilities. These components can be enhanced by features such as auto framing where participants will always be ideally fitted within the picture. This removes the need to manually crop the image with the digital zoom. If someone leaves the room, the framing cleverly readjusts. Watch our new Konftel Cam20 video here and see for yourself!

Almost all situations can automatically be handled by the camera but there are occasions when manually fine tuning the image can further help optimize overall quality. For example extremely difficult lighting, general room conditions and how many people are present can all make a big impact when trying to ensure participants always look clear and detailed.

Konftel Camera Control App

It’s why we’ve developed the Konftel Camera Control Desktop app to make it easy to tailor picture performance. This simple solution available here is a convenient alternative to the physical remote control. Both before and during video meetings you can zoom in/out and position the framing up/down and right/left (ePTZ). The app supports both Windows and Mac and puts a whole set of advanced settings for customization of image character and camera features, at your fingertips!

You have immediate access to buttons that flip the image vertically or horizontally and one to deactivate the automatic anti-flicker feature. Furthermore the current firmware version of the connected camera is shown, next to a link to check for updates.

Our Konftel Cam10 webcam was the first to benefit from the camera control desktop app feature, followed by the Konftel Cam20 and Konftel Cam50 conference cameras. Why not try it for yourself and see the difference it can make to your meetings!

Torbjörn Karlsson

Director de Producto