• Experience True Room Flexibility

    Detach the audio from the furnishings

  • The two concepts for todays video meetings

    Bring or Attach:
    A simple enough choice

  • Lost in the video jungle?

    Relax, there's a new
    guide in town

  • Climate Neutral Products

    A win for the climate from distance meeting number one.


Utvalgte produkter


Kompakt design. Imponerende ytelse.

  • Webkamera for bedrifter
  • 1080p full HD
  • Doble mikrofoner
  • 4x digital zoom
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Del den større historien

  • Romtype: Små til middels store
  • 4K Ultra HD
  • 123° bildevinkel
  • One Cable Connection Hub
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KONFTEL C50800 Hybrid

Videomøter som alltid funker

  • Romtype: Lite til stort
  • OmniSound®
  • Eksepsjonell bildekvalitet
  • Daisy chain-kobling
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This interactive guide will help you find the perfect video solution

The struggle in finding the perfect video solution is finally over. Our interactive Room Type Guide is a super easy way to navigate the office environment to find the optimum solution for any type of room. 

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The Hybrid Workplace

Our fresh academy article has valuable insights together with the latest tips and advice on how to succeed with a smooth transition to the hybrid workplace. 

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Professional and user friendly video solutions for healthcare

Konftel offers a wide range of high end video solutions for both patient-centered care and healthcare collaboration needs.

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Video enable your classrooms

High quality, easy to use video solutions for all classrooms. Just connect a single USB cable to your laptop and you are ready to start the lesson.

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Press releases


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Our conference products support the industry standards. In addition, we optimize and certify our products for the leading UC platforms. Together with our partners, we are able to guarantee a combination of performance and functions that ensure ease of use and add commercial value.


Even the smallest noise can be a real distraction

That's why we've spent more than 30 years honing our OmniSound® audio technology. Perfection every time.

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