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Law Firm Helps Protect Client Confidentiality With Hybrid Video Conferencing From Konftel

Video conferencing plays a valuable daily role at established Swedish law firm Ahlgrens Advokatbyrå, keeping clients and colleagues connected wherever they are based. Blending broad legal expertise with high availability, client confidentiality is crucial too especially when sensitive information is being discussed.

The practice was founded in the 1940’s and its offices in Umeå and Skellefteå in Northern Sweden are where 20 people use high quality conferencing systems from pioneering manufacturer Konftel. Ironically Konftel created the world’s first dedicated conference phone more than 30 years ago from Umeå too!

Trade secrets

The law firm’s video portfolio is spearheaded by Konftel’s C50800 Hybrid systems which provide a valuable ‘hybrid’ facility of combining regular calls with online video meetings.

This premium video collaboration solution, for medium to really large meeting rooms, delivers outstanding image and audio quality. The package combines the Konftel Cam50 PTZ conference camera and the Konftel 800 conference phone with the Konftel OCC Hub for one cable connection.

Crucially it is possible to make regular calls when connected to a video meeting, which is very beneficial...
Petter Mörk, Lawyer and partner at Ahlgrens Advokatbyrå
Petter Mörk, Lawyer and partner at Ahlgrens Advokatbyrå.

Lawyer and partner Petter Mörk, explained: “We chose the Konftel C50800 Hybrid because the system is easy to operate and very flexible. Crucially it is possible to make regular calls when connected to a video meeting, which is very beneficial. It is common for one or more parties to want to participate by phone, not least in the meetings where we use an interpreter.

“In addition, online meetings can be less appropriate in some cases where very sensitive information is being dealt with. These may be meetings where trade secrets are divulged or where sensitive personal data is to be discussed, so we use traditional calls for maximum security.”

Focus on sustainable law

He continued: “We at Ahlgrens Advokatbyrå work under the watchwords Sustainable Law. For us, Sustainable Law is about thinking a little further. To find legal solutions that work both today and in the future. It is about seeing our clients' needs and using our know-how to provide the best possible conditions both in business and in disputes and in the different events of life.

“However, sustainable law is not just a matter of legal expertise. It is also a question of us wanting to be a long-term sustainable company. Ahlgrens Advokatbyrå has stood firm through both decade shifts and the turn of the millennium. We are proud of our long history while recognizing that the present and the future place new demands. Through Sustainable Law, we take responsibility for our operations, use new technology and reduce our environmental impact.”

He highlighted: “Together with access to quality video meetings, we can offer broad legal expertise and high availability.”




The company’s two award-winning Konftel C50800 Hybrid video kits were bought in Spring 2020. Image, sound quality and ease of use have earned plenty of plaudits.

Petter added: “We use the conference systems on a daily basis. You just have to plug in and go! They enable us to interact with clients who, due to geographical distance, for example, are unable to attend physical meetings. During the pandemic, the systems have allowed us to continue working from home when unable to go into the office. 

“We have operations in two locations and we use the systems for meetings between the offices, but also in cases where for the client it’s easier to report to one office, even though the responsible lawyer works at the other location. The systems are used regularly, both for internal and external meetings.”

Helping protect the planet

Furthermore the firm’s sustainable ethos is matched perfectly by Konftel who became the first manufacturer in its sector to secure Climate Neutral certification. This means all greenhouse gas emissions have been offset, across all aspects of the business, from manufacturing and product packaging to transportation. Konftel continues to cut impact at source too.

“Sustainability is part of our DNA in many different ways and it’s reassuring to know that the Konftel conferencing equipment we use is sustainable too, helping protect the planet as well as ensuring we cut down on unnecessary business travel.”

Petter has no hesitation in recommending the Konftel equipment. He concluded: “Absolutely, we are very pleased. I find it difficult to see that any user would be dissatisfied with the ease of use or quality of the video meetings. Ahlgrens Advokatbyrå has a strong heritage and a bright future, with video conferencing from Konftel playing an increasingly prominent role.”

Two Konftel C50800 Hybrid systems

Important for Ahlgrens Advokatbyrå
Hybrid call functionality for sensitive meetings
High quality picture and audio performance
Easy set-up and operation
A solution for the long term
Climate Neutral sustainability

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