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How to choose the right conference telephone

If your company is thinking about buying a new conference telephone, we have plenty of tips to help you find the right model.

An effective distance meeting requires conference telephones with high audio quality that always work perfectly. If the aim of such meetings is to reduce the amount of business travel, the telephones must be available at all times – in the conference room or in your office.

Before you decide on a model, you should consider the particular needs of the users. Another important question is how the telephone will be integrated with other communication tools. What infrastructure is already in place or planned? 

What needs does the company have?

Where will you be conducting meetings? In a conference room, an office or lots of different places? In the latter case, a wireless model makes life easier.

How many people will be involved in meetings? 6, 12, 20 or more? Do you need any particular features? Wireless, recording or the option of multi-party calls? 

What connection do you have?

What technical infrastructure do you have? Analog, DECT, mobile, IP? Or will the telephone be used in environments that make use of Skype for Business or other computer- and web-based services, where USB is usually the best way to connect a speakerphone?

Conduct a survey

Conduct a survey of the needs and infrastructure you have. This will give you a better chance of finding the ideal model for you. A simple tool for finding the right conference phone or speakerphone can be found on the homepage of our website.

Use the product selector to filter the selection based on the size of your meetings, network connections and what features are important for your company. Also have a look at our Product guide, where you'll find detailed information to help you select the right telephone.

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