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Stefan Eriksson, 2017-10-12

Collaboration according to Konftel

Our way of working is evolving at a rapid pace. It involves digitisation, reshaping office environments and how we collaborate. Konftel’s roots are Swedish and Sweden is right on the leading edge of these developments. Creating products in this environment naturally gives us a major competitive advantage. We also hope to be able to empower businesses with knowledge of how to create efficient workplaces that support and facilitate collaborative interactions in the fast and seamless manner demanded by today’s business world.

We aim to contribute

We will therefore be discussing collaboration in a series of posts in this blog. How can we design, reshape and fit out our workplaces? What can we do to promote and facilitate remote meetings? What are the smartest ways that conference phones are used in today’s new office environments? Quite simply… what can we do to enable you, your colleagues, partners and clients to get together without any hassle?

The spoken word still holds sway

When there’s a need to discuss matters and solve issues immediately, it is hard to beat a meeting in real time, even if it is a virtual meeting. Provided that every participant feels relaxed, can hear one another clearly and there are no technical glitches disrupting the meeting.

That’s Collaboration according to Konftel! Or Togetherness, as we like to call it

Konftel – Get Together

Stefan Eriksson