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Stefan Eriksson, 2020-03-20

We need collaboration. More than ever.

An unpredictable world needs predictable solutions. We provide sustainable and safe meetings. No matter what.


We have given a lot of thought to how a company like ours should act and communicate in a situation like this and how we can share our story without taking advantage of the humanitarian and economic crisis that follows in the footsteps of a pandemic disaster. 

The truth is that it is more or less impossible. We do what we do. We make it easier for people to get together without the physical meeting. And in an exceptional situation like this, it is all about collaboration: between nations, key organisations involved, companies and customers, and down to us as individuals. In many areas right now, we have to get things done without the physical meeting. It does not matter if the reason is a quarantine, a company travel ban, or a personal decision to work from home. The fact is that we have solutions that makes distance collaboration easier, no matter what the reasons are. 

We need to listen to WHO and all the governmental domestic health experts, that is absolutely important. We need to help flatten the curve for this disease. And we need to do it as fast as possible. 
At the same time, we should do everything we can to keep things things running, to continue develop our businesses and our society. That is why we have put together a simple guide: 5 steps to get going with video meetings. Take a look, but most importantly, take care!

Two simple pieces of advice: 
1. Follow the WHO and your local health authorities.
2. Keep up the collaboration from wherever you are.  

Stefan Eriksson