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Since 1988, our mission has been to help people around the world to meet remotely. This in itself is a key sustainability factor as it reduces the need for business travel. We also ensure that our own products are climate neutral before they reach our customers.

But sustainability is about so much more, from social responsibility to compliance with environmental and safety requirements in the manufacture of our products. Here you can find out how we are pushing for a more sustainable future and how that work is progressing.

Klimanøytrale produkter

Konftel er sertifisert i henhold til klimanøytralitetsstandarden. Det betyr at du i vår hybride jobbtidsalder, der behovet for konferanse- og samarbeidsmaskinvare er enormt, kan kjøpe Konftel-produkter med god samvittighet når det gjelder klima. Vi kompenserer for alle utslipp av klimagasser og iverksetter tiltak for å redusere utslippene ytterligere. Hold utkikk etter merkelappen som viser at alle produktene våre er sertifisert som klimanøytrale.

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Broad engagement through our parent company

Together with our parent company Avaya, we follow a number of our own Codes for Conduct regarding our responsibility as an employer and product manufacturer. We are signed up to the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA).

Code of Conduct

Steers behavior in the right direction

The need to meet is absolutely legitimate. We build relations and drive development when we meet face to face. This need remains even in times of climate change and public health restrictions. 

For many companies, travel is their greatest source of greenhouse gas emissions. Over the years, our products for high-quality distance meetings have probably helped to replace millions of business trips. That is good, but no business is ever going to be fully travel-free, so we should instead focus on reducing the impact of work-related travel as much as we can.

A travel policy is an essential tool in steering behavior in the right direction. Click here to download  Konftel's basic travel policy.