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Register a Konftel 300W/300Wx to a Konftel DECT base

This video will guide you how you register the Konftel 300W/300Wx to a Konftel DECT base.

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Konftel 300-series SD-call recording

Learn how to record a conference call with the Konftel conference phones. SD-call recording is available in...

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Using Konftel 300W/300Wx with Skype

This video will show you how to use the Konftel 300W/300Wx with Skype to make a video call.

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Konftel Wireless IP with IP DECT 10 and Konftel 300Wx

Learn how to set up the Konftel IP DECT 10 and Konftel 300Wx.

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Import contacts via SD card in Konftel 300Wx/300W/300M

How to import contacts via SD card in Konftel 300W/ Konftel 300M/ Konftel 300Wx.

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The Konftel 300W is a DECT phone that supports version 6.0 of the standard and is GAP/CAT-Iq compatible. It also works as a USB audio device.

The Konftel 300W is GAP compatible and will most likely work within any GAP environment. Settings in a GAP system may affect interoperability. Is your system not listed in the table? Please send an e-mail to daniel.anens@konftel.com and we will help you configure the Konftel 300W to your system.
Tested = Basic functions tested. Able to register, make/receive calls.
HD audio = Supports wideband codec G722 over CAT-iq.
Brand Model  DECT Base Tested HD audio supported Notes
Mitel (Aastra) BusinessPhone   Yes    
Mitel (Aastra) MX One/MD110*  BS300/BS330 Yes  
Mitel (Aastra) MBU400   Yes  
Mitel (Aastra) OpenCom X320  RFP21 Yes   Encryption must be disabled.
Mitel (Aastra) OpenCom X320  RFP22 Yes   Encryption must be disabled.
Mitel (Aastra) 400-series  SB-x Yes   470 2.1, Tested with SB-4+
Mitel (Aastra) OpenCom X320  RFP 32IP (SIP DECT) Yes  
Mitel (Aastra) OpenCom X320  RFP35 Yes  Yes
Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX Enterprise  RBS Yes  
Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX Enterprise  IBS Yes  
Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX Enterprise  TDM/IP DECT Yes   » Inter-Working Report
Avaya IP Office  IPBS Yes  
Avaya Aura Communication Manager   Yes   » CM R4 IPBS guide
Mitel CX3300 MCD 5.0  Mitel IP Dect 5.0.11 Yes  
Panasonic KX‐TDA 15   Yes  
Philips Sopho IS3000*   Yes  
Philips Sopho 2000 IPS   Yes  
Atos Unify/Siemens HiPath 3000   Yes  
Atos Unify/Siemens HiPath 4000   Yes  
Atos Unify/Siemens HiPath Cordless IP V1   Yes   Must use "Assigned TPUI" mode**
Atos Unify OpenScape 4000 V7  DECT BS4/5 Yes   » Certificate
Gigaset IP DECT Pro Series  N720/N510*** Yes  Yes
IKON IP DECT   Yes   Must use "Assigned TPUI" mode**
SpectraLink IP DECT Server 400 (EU/US)   Yes   » Test protocol
RTX IP DECT 8660   Yes  Yes Must use firmware 03.24 b3 or higher on RTX base
Ascom Ascom IP DECT V9  IP DECT V9 Yes   Use 3rd Pty PARK

* please contact support if you have any issues with the registration.
** in some systems you must log in as "super admin" to be able to see the Default TPUI checkbox (and uncheck it).
*** please contact support if you have issues with this model.

Connects to cell phones with optional cables, Modular 6/6.
» View all available mobile cables
The Konftel DECT base connects to the public analog telephone line or PBX with an analog card via a Modular 6/6, RJ11.
Connects to computer with enclosed USB cable, 2.0.
Operating system Audio Upgrade*
Windows XP/Vista/7/8 YES YES
Mac OS X (10.6) YES
Linux (Fedora 20) YES

* Upgrade the conference phone via the Upgrade Utility


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Software update

How to update your Konftel

Konftel 300W upgrade v. 1.24

  • Added support for USB on Mac OSX
  • Option to import contacts from an SD card
  • Added compatibility with some SD cards (Transcend)
  • Add DECT firmware version to service menu
  • Handle incoming intercom calls (where ringing doesn’t stop)
  • Added DTMF inband on permanent setting.
  • Fixed USB issue when enabling mic on/off during playback
View changelog

Update your Konftel 300W

Step 1: Install Konftel Upgrade Utility

The Konftel Upgrade Utility is a program developed by Konftel to update the software on your conference phone.

Download and run the installation file and follow the instructions.

You may have to run the installation program as an administrator.

System Requirements
Download Upgrade Utility


Step 2: Update your Konftel conference phone

Launch the Konftel Upgrade Utility, which will now be in your start menu, and follow the instructions.

We recommend that you allow the Konftel Upgrade Utility to automatically download and install the latest software.

When you are done, you can close the Konftel Upgrade Utility and restart your Konftel.

Manual software download

This can be useful if you have restricted internet access or if a conference phone is not installed and connected to the internet. Download the software onto your computer and use the Konftel Upgrade Utility program to upload the file and update your conference phone.

Download software  

Update via SD memory card

You can also opt to download the SD update file below if you would rather update by inserting an SD card containing the downloaded software into your conference phone. Please note that an update via SD card will reset your conference phone to factory settings.

Konftel 300W SD update   » View change log

End-user license agreement (EULA)

By downloading the software, you accept the EULA terms and conditions in this document.

EULA document

Two-year warranty

Peace of mind

All Konftel models come with a two-year warranty. The warranty is invalidated if the product has been damaged due to negligence, incorrect use, manipulation or unauthorized modification or if the product has been subjected to fire, an electrical storm or a power surge. A fee will be charged for returned products that are found to have no faults.

Servicing after warranty

Servicing is available after the warranty expires. Create a ticket and describe the error and we will send you a costing.


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